I love a good list.

It would seem that a lot of other people love a good list too and it is about that time of year when we start to see all the lists, polls and ‘best ofs’ pop up and rate everything from movies, music, gadgets and of course websites. So I thought I might throw a couple of mine out there and see what other groovy lists people subscribe to and like to read.

Time did a good list giving us the 50 Best Websites of 2009 which are worth a look, but you are going to need some Time up your sleeve the get through them all (I also love a good pun).

HTML handcoders will like this one. Ordered, unordered and definition lists; enough said in dot point.

Then we have the iTunes Rewind 2009 revealing what we loved the most in movies, Apps, TV shows and of course music in 2009.

The Guardian provided this list which is more a collection of ten rules for writing fiction, but at a stretch it is a list and I found it fascinating and will try applying all of them to my next uni report and see how I go.

I guess I can’t really go further without mentioning an entire website dedicated to lists of lists, of course I refer to Listorious; the site of the best Twitter lists which is really kind of useful if you are new to Twitter and want to ‘bulk follow’ some really interesting Tweeps.

And that is just a few; but here is my own – a list of things I cannot live without this year as I breathe, work, read, study, and motorbike my iLife to the nth degree in 2010.

  1. Internet
  2. iPhone
  3. MacBook Pro
  4. Flip Mino HD
  5. Arnette Agent sunglasses
  6. Papermate Pacer cassette pencil
  7. Moleskine notepad
  8. Nooka faux binary watch
  9. Buell XB12X ‘Ulysses’
  10. TomTom Navigation App & Cradle (seriously geographically challenged)

What kind of things make it onto your top ten lists?