Welcome to our Wearable Wednesdays series, a weekly look at the world of wearables.

You’ve done the research; you’ve read the blogs. You know all about the different type of wearables and how to pick the right one for you. You’ve spent hours weighing up whether to go functional or fashionable.

And you’ve done it, you’ve finally done it; you’ve bought yourself a wearable!

You take it home, gingerly open the box and pull out your new toy. It vibrates against your wrist as it connects to your phone.

It’s amazing. It’s beautiful.

…Now what?

If you’ve grabbed yourself an Android Wear device, we’ve got just the list for you. Here are the top apps you must download for your Android Wear device.

WearFaces – Free

Wear Faces

One of the first things you’ll want to do with your new wearable is make it your own. This is where WearFaces comes in. Not only does it let you set custom watch faces, but you can download community designed ones or create your own!

Wear Mini Launcher – Free

Wear Launcher

Opening apps on a wearable can be a little tricky and you might want to install a handy launcher to help you out. The Wear Mini Launcher is a solid download.

Wear Battery Stats – Free

Wear Battery Stats

Wear Battery Stats allows you to easily track your wearable’s battery, sending you handy notifications at pre-set battery levels. Plus if you find yourself constantly getting to the end of the day without any battery, you can check which app is draining it the most. A must have!

Pixtocam – $1.99


Pixtocam puts your device camera in hyper drive, allowing you to use your wearable as a little viewfinder, letting you take photos without even being near your phone. This is particularly useful for those awkward angle shots and selfies!

Wear Fitness Personal Trainer – Free


Are you keen to track your fitness (afterall, a new year means a new you!) without with your new wearable? Get your hands on VimoFit. Not only will it track your steps and exercise reps, it provides tips from its built in personal trainer (who yells out instructions as you work out! Fun!).

Wear Calc – Free

Wear Calc

Not only do you need this app to make quick calculations on the run, you can also make your smartwatch look like the Casio calculator watches of the 80’s. Classics.

Find My Phone – Free

Find My Phone

Are you one of those people who can never find their phone? Me too. Wouldn’t it be handy if there was an app that would tell you where it is? An app… connected… to your wrist….. oh wait…

WearLock – $2.12

Wear Lock

Before you head off into the world with your new wearable, you want to make sure it’s safe. WearLock will let you set a lock to activate when your wearable is out of range from your device. Handy!

Tockle – Free


This is one that has just come out of Beta, but it’s been gaining momentum and I think you’ll see a lot of it! You can use Tockle to quickly change settings on your smartphone, such as your WiFi or Bluetooth. You can even set your own tasks, which could be helpful for setting alarms or the like. This app could be especially helpful for when you’re in a meeting and need to turn your phone on silent quickly!

So what are your must have Android Wear apps?

Note – The above is a personal blog entry; any commentary on third party products therein is not intended to be an endorsement by Telstra, which has no association with the mentioned products unless expressly stated otherwise. Quoted prices are based on the Play Store as at 21 Jan 2015 and do not include any data usage costs that may be incurred when downloading the apps.