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Strut your tech: top 5 wearables for the fashionably connected


Posted on March 25, 2015

5 min read

This week on Wearable Wednesdays we’re joined by Laura Lombardi, who has joined the Social Media team as part of her graduate rotation. It didn’t take us long to notice just how fashionable Laura is, so we set her a task: to hunt down the most fashionable wearables of the moment. Here’s what she found.

Technology and fashion seem like two parallel universes. When a designer releases a new line of clothing, it doesn’t generally include technology and when a tech company releases a wearable, well often it seems anything but fashionable.

Excitingly, this is changing. Here are some of the best looking wearables on the scene, darling.


Did you ever imagine that ring on your finger could do more than look fabulous? Have you ever thought you’d live in a world where that unassuming ring could link to your device?

The day is here, thanks to Ringly, a wearable jewellery and accessories company who believe ‘technology can be more discreetly integrated into our lives’. They’ve achieved just that by producing their first collection of smart rings.

Connecting to your mobile phone, Ringly allows you to receive social notifications through a stylish gemstone.

It’s simple, elegant and modern which means it doesn’t look or feel like a robot is attached to your finger.

A photo posted by RINGLY (@getringly) on

Activité and Activité Pop by Withings

The humble wrist watch has been a huge focus in the wearable space, but who’s nailed the design and the price? Withings, and in a pretty near perfect way.

They’ve created the Activité and the Activité Pop (a cheaper alternative model made from a PVD-coated watch case and a silicone watch strap) which tracks both your activity and sleep whilst looking pretty darn chic. Did I mention the Activité is Swiss Made? Style and substance.

The only clue the Activité and the Activité Pop give to being anything other than an elegant watch, is the small second hand which registers how close you are to achieving your daily exercise goal. Genius.

A photo posted by Withings (@withings) on


There are three main things Cuff want you to know about their device; notifications, activity tracking and safety – but I think there are a lot of other features to brag about.

Namely, the cuff needn’t actually be a cuff at all; the brilliant small piece of technology which powers the functionality can be interchanged between other bracelets and necklaces so you’re not locked into the same fashion statement day in day out. No outfit repeating going on here.

Unlike other notifying devices ‘Cuff’ places a big emphasis on safety. When triggered by you, Cuff sends an SOS signal to your chosen ‘first responders’ who will receive your location, live audio and other information to ensure you get the help you need.

It’s embarrassing to think my current bracelets only look good.


A fabulous partnership between Opening Ceremony and Intel has led to the stylish My Intelligent Communication Accessory (MICA).

The two powerhouses put their minds to great use to design a bangle that doesn’t skim on functionality or aesthetic appeal, in fact MICA impresses on both.

Made in neutral tones with luxurious 18K gold coating and a curved sapphire glass touchscreen display, one can view and respond to messages, view your calendar and alerts from VIP contacts all by a flick of your wrist.

Perhaps its greatest asset, a “Time to Go” feature which sends smart appointment reminders based on location, translation – you never have an excuse to be late again.


Paying attention to the three rules of elegant design QDesign are soon to deliver a ‘stylish, simple and effortless’ bracelet, the QBracelet, for the sole purpose of charging your phone.

There can be no complaints about this one, it’s sleek and offers an array of colour choices, is compatible with both iPhone and Android and charges your phone on the move with no cords.

In another stroke of brilliance, you can still use your phone when the bracelet is plugged in and most refreshingly, the QBracelet charges your phone at the same rate as a wall charger. Amazing.

A photo posted by Q Designs (@qdesigns_nyc) on

With these fab five there’s no more worrying about choosing a high rolling fashionista or computer geek lifestyle, now you can (refreshingly!) have both right on the end of your glamour-licked arm.

Just be sure to strut about it.

Note – The above is a personal blog entry; any commentary on third party products therein is not intended to be an endorsement by Telstra, which has no association with the mentioned products unless expressly stated otherwise.