Ask any tech-heads at a dinner party what their favourite phone is and you’ll likely kick off a heated round-table on why their device is the-ultimate-smartphone-ever-made-across-space-and-timeTM.

Firstly, your design mate will wax-lyrical of an almost inappropriate love of their iPhone, arguing the benefits of a consistent look and feel.

Next, your geeky best friend will fervently argue of the freedom of Android, claiming it to be basically the second coming.

And finally, someone at the end of the table will throw in their bit for the humble Windows Phone.

But in truth the best smartphone for you will depend on what you need it for – and that could change as the years go by!

So to help as you navigate through a multi-platform world, here’s a list of my favourite apps that work across (almost) any mobile operating system.

Top 5 cross-platform apps


The ultimate of cross-platform apps, Evernote is the must-have for anyone wanting an easy way to file things for reference later. Duh, Jamie! I already use Evernote and have a multi-year subscription for me , my wife, my three kids and my dog. I know! I know! But no list of cross-platform apps would be complete without it!


Another obvious choice – and for good reason! Dropbox is very similar to Evernote in that it is an easy way to store files and access them anywhere (and on any device!). What makes it awesome is that you can upload pretty much anything and share it with anyone – be that a colleague, a client or your mate you’ve been working on that totes-cool collab with.


Formally ‘Read It Later’, Pocket reinvented itself in 2012 and is, in my opinion, the single greatest read later app on the market. Pocket presents a slick interface that seamlessly integrates across a range of devices. Plus it’s free, no matter what system you use, unlike similar apps.


Coffee: sweet elixir of life; how I love thee! eCoffeeCard works as a digital loyalty card for participating cafes and a must for any caffeine/smartphone addict. The great thing about it is that it syncs cross-platform, meaning it doesn’t matter if your pre-coffee self grabs your work phone instead of your personal one; you can still get that free cup that you’ve been working up to!


Remembering bookmarks? ‘Aint nobody got time for that! That’s why it’s important to make sure your bookmarks and browsing history is saved, no matter what device you use. Enter: Chrome. It easily syncs with your Google account, meaning you don’t have to create another account to access your bookmarks.

What apps do you use when switching between devices?