With bushfire season upon us, it’s important to be prepared on every level. Staying connected in an emergency is extremely important, and there are a few things Telstra recommends you can do to help stay safer by staying connected.

    1. Keep essential numbers close Have a list of essential contact numbers close at hand, including local Police, Fire, SES and Telstra’s fault line – 13 22 03.
    2. Keep calls to a minimum Although Telstra monitors the network closely in times of emergency to try and minimise congestion, keep calls to a minimum during natural disasters to allow people to call emergency service organisations. Only call Triple Zero when a situation is threatening life or property, or if it’s time critical. If your situation is not time critical but requires the attention of an emergency services organisation, you should call an alternate emergency services number.
    3. Keep in touch with social media and radio Co-ordinate in advance a virtual meeting place with family and friends, and download emergency service apps. Stay in touch with local information services too using a battery powered radio, and know your emergency broadcaster.
    4. Consider a fixed phone lineConsider using a standard fixed line phone that may be more likely to continue to operate in situations of power outage. nbn customers should keep a mobile or satellite phone handy.
    5. Your mobile and data Always have a spare, fully charged battery on sstandbyand carry additional mobile phone chargers. An in-car and a separate AC mains charger are essential in case of evacuation. Keep information safely away from home or your place of business and think about cloud-based storage solutions.