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Top 10 examples that show video is the new textbook

Tech and Innovation

Posted on September 9, 2011

2 min read

Times are a changing and so are our brains. Modern technology is altering the way we work and beginning to affect the way we learn. “Attention blindness” has become one of society’s greatest challenges. More often than not our attention is now taken up by entertainment and games. Thanks to the Internet and lowering bandwidth costs, technology is turning our attention to new ways to learn. For all these reasons, education is being turned on its head.

Not long ago it was thought that our brains peaked and stopped learning at a certain age, now through the science of Neuroplasticity, we know that the brain is a like muscle that needs to be exercised regularly and can always develop further with the right stimulation and learning environment.

Recently more people are taking to self-directed learning and following their passions. By joining online in social learning environments, there is a wonderful opportunity to connect with others who are interested in learning the same things, and often these learning communities lead to some amazing collaborations. With smartphones and tablets becoming so popular and more learning apps for Android and iPhone being developed, people are increasingly accessing their learning environments anywhere, anytime.

Which brings me to video. So much of what we see, and the information we easily absorb now is visual. Seeing is believing, The old adage, “a picture tells a thousand words” comes to mind. It’s clear that video is already having a huge impact on learning in the 21st Century. What follows after the video below is my top 10 examples that show why I believe video is the new textbook.

My top ten

  1. Education games
  2. Flipping classroomsmore information
  3. How to tutorials and screencasts videos
  4. YouTube video annotations
  5. TV and on demand entertainment
  6. Webcam tutors/teachers
  7. Video is awesome to teach languages
  8. Granny Cloud
  9. Anyone can learn and create video and motion graphics
  10. Teaching teachers

You can check out over 90 videos on the topic of the evolution of 21st Century learning via my Education Revolution playlist

Food for thought? How about you? learnt anything via video lately.

What examples do you have of self directed learning through the Internet or people learing via video?