We live in a connected world.

An ever-changing, ever-growing suite of modern technologies is connecting us and driving social change at a remarkable pace and scale.

Everyone can benefit from being online and connected no matter where they live, how old they are or where their interests lie. However, many seniors haven’t yet entered the digital world.

CSIRO’s 2013 report, Household internet use in Australia: A study in regional communities, found that two thirds of non-internet users were 65 years and above. Lack of skills and confidence in using the internet were identified as the main inhibitor to online engagement.

In Australia, older people represent a large and growing proportion of the population. By 2030, almost 20% of the Australian population will be aged 65 and over. They are important consumers of government and social services, which are increasingly delivered online.

Our purpose is to make sure everyone can enjoy a brilliant connected future, regardless of age. Being confident and literate with technology is an essential skill in the digital age.

Since 2007, Telstra has been providing digital literacy training to older Australians. Our Tech Savvy Seniors partnership with the NSW Government is one initiative helping thousands of senior Australians embrace the benefits of the digital world.

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