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The Wi-Fi Maximiser app in action: how to fix blackspots at home

Telstra News

Posted on June 25, 2014

3 min read

Many customers suffer from Wi-Fi blackspots in their house and for Telstra customer John Dore, a large property meant the challenge was best suited for a Telstra Platinum tech. John was running a business from home and getting his entertainment online, which meant coverage across the house was important. Here, he tells how he was able to fix it.

We’ve had Wi-Fi for years, but the range of our modem meant if I went out onto the verandah, or was even in my bedroom, the signal was too weak for me to get online. I heard about Telstra’s Wi-Fi Maximiser app, and decided to give it a go to see what it would tell us about the Wi-Fi in our house.

The app confirmed what we were experiencing. It showed a heat map that pointed out where our signal was strong and where we needed to improve. Our house is set up to run our building development business, but on the other side of the house (where we watch movies and play music online) we didn’t have reliable coverage.

The Wi-Fi heat map allowed us to identify the black spots so we looked at fixing it by getting a new Wi-Fi Max gateway from Telstra, which was a breeze to install and set up – we were up and running in about 20 minutes. While we were getting faster and more consistent speeds in the areas we had coverage, the size of the property meant in the end, it was better to call in an expert.

Enter our Telstra Platinum tech, Patrick, who was able to bring us reliable coverage in the other part of the house within a couple of hours.

Patrick put in an extender to complement the new gateway, not only giving us coverage all over the house, but coverage out on the verandah, too. Now we can sit outside and work (which’ll be great in the warmer months), browse the web in our bedroom and reduce our plan for our mobile internet – giving us much better value for money. Not only that, but the process was seamless and easy. Patrick was friendly and got the job done without any fuss, and we couldn’t be more delighted with our new set up!

I’d absolutely recommend someone who’s having trouble in with Wi-Fi blackspots to run the app through the house and ensure their gateway is the best suited for their circumstances. If you’re still having issues, give Telstra a call, as they’re very happy to help out.