We’re excited to confirm that the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy Tab S will be coming to Telstra later this year.

This will be the first APT700MHz capable 4G tablet available on the Telstra Mobile Network, which has four times the 4G coverage of any other mobile network in Australia. The APT700Mhz spectrum is the next evolution of Telstra’s network and will offer customers improved 4G reach into regional Australia and deeper in-building coverage as well as improved speeds and more capacity.

Telstra customers with the Tab S will be among the first to benefit from this feature when we progressively switch on the new spectrum in early 2015.

HD display

The Tab S is light, powerful and has a larger high-resolution screen than its predecessors. Samsung’s latest Super AMOLED display, brings a broader range of colours and greater detail to your tablet experience. The inclusion of Active Display adjusts the screen to varying light conditions for enhanced readability and viewing of video content.


You can also create beautiful photos and videos with on the Tab S with a 8MP rear-facing camera and a 2.1MP front-facing camera. Weighing in at just 467g and measuring just 6.5mm makes the Tab S 10.5 one of the lightest and slimmest 10 inch tablets and you’ll want to take it with you everywhere. It also has 16GB of in-built storage and a MicroSD slot for additional storage up to 128GB in case you need extra space for movies, music, apps or photos on your Tab S.


The Tab S runs the latest Android KitKat 4.4 and features a fingerprint scanner for greater security when unlocking the device. You can create up to eight user profiles so the whole family can access the tablet using the unique finger print scan feature.

With a leather-like dimpled back, the Tab S has similar design features to the Galaxy S5 and includes new Side Sync 3.0 which allows you view your phone on the larger tablet screen, remote control it, share photos, video and even make phone calls.

Another great feature is Samsung’s Multi Window which makes for great multi-tasking on the Tab S 10.5. Using Multi Window, you can browse the web whilst Skyping with friends or send an email while chatting on Facebook or watching a movie.

The Samsung GALAXY Tab S

UPDATE: Good news everyone! The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is now available. Find out more on our website.

The Telstra Mobile Network offers 4G in all capital CBDs and associated airports, many surrounding suburban areas and in over 300 regional areas. You’ll automatically switch to our fastest available 3G in other coverage areas around Australia. Check coverage at telstra.com/coverage.