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The perils of online shopping

Tech and Innovation

Posted on August 23, 2010

2 min read

There are so many attractions to online shopping – not least that you can do it on your couch wearing trackies and ugg boots – but it does come with a certain degree of risk, particularly when you’re shopping for clothes.

Purple peacock cardiganI have had a lot of success shopping online, recent notable mentions include the giant silicon cupcake mould and my cow print doona boots (yes, they’re worth the delivery fee).

However, I have had one specific disaster – my purple peacock cardigan.

I now realise it should have been obvious. Purple. Peacock. Cardigan. But like the greatest chefs of our time – who put together the oddest combinations to make the best signature dishes – I trusted this store, and thought that surely, it would be beautiful when it arrived.

Everything I have purchased in person from the purveyor of Purple Peacock Pap was a triumph. Two years later people are still asking me where the giant flower skirt came from… where they could get a cardigan with the same big clear buttons and tiny bird embellishments… how could I go wrong?

Perils of online shoppingI couldn’t even sell it on eBay for half the price. I hate to admit it, but I lost $160 on that cardigan, which still sits, tags attached, in my cupboard.

I’d like to know that I’m not alone, has anyone else purchased something online that makes them look like Barney the friendly dinosaur?

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