We have a long history pioneering new technology to improve the lives of Australians. Telstra is now introducing new location products to help unlock the potential of the Internet of Things to solve everyday problems.

I was surprised to learn that as many as one in three Australians have lost their keys in the past 12 months alone. Around one in four have misplaced their mobile phone and one in seven know that drop in the stomach when they’ve lost their wallet.

But losing precious items isn’t just a problem for every day Australians. For businesses – large and small – knowing where valuable assets are is critical to the livelihood of a company.

Telstra is taking the next step in harnessing the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) announcing two new location products for Australian consumers, small businesses and enterprise customers.

In coming months we’ll introduce Telstra Locator™ to help consumer and small business customers find the things they need and love most – from lost bags to bikes, toolboxes to trailers, and even pets.

In October, we’ll launch Track and Monitor, bringing low-powered and low-cost technology to our enterprise customers. Beyond asset tracking, customers will be able to check factors such as location, temperature and soon to come, humidity.

Telstra has already deployed the most advanced IoT technology on our mobile network, with Cat-M1 and Narrowband IoT technology. We’re now focused on bringing the next generation of connected solutions to our customers.

Telstra Locator: creating Australia’s most powerful finding service

We’re introducing Telstra Locator because we want to help customers find those things that are important to them. Our vision is to create the nation’s most powerful finding service to do just that.

Customers will be able to attach Telstra Locator Tags to their valuables and use the Telstra Locator App to help find them if they go missing.

Telstra Locator, a subscription-based service, will bring together an Australian-first combination of networks and technology with three different tags designed for unique customer needs.

These include a lightweight and long-lasting Bluetooth® tag for keys and purses and a rechargeable Wi-Fi tag ideal for pets and bikes. Early next year Telstra will introduce a premium LTE tag designed for high-value assets such as machinery.

Each Telstra Locator Tag connects to one or a combination of Telstra’s networks, this includes a new Bluetooth locator community, parts of the Telstra Air Wi-Fi Network, and for LTE tags, Cat M1 IoT technology on the Telstra Mobile Network.

Low-powered and low-cost location technology empowering enterprises

We’ve also developed Track and Monitor to help Australia’s largest businesses monitor valuable assets.

Track and Monitor will enable low-cost, large-volume asset tracking, whether across multiple warehouses or retail sites – or while in transit – and will be able to monitor temperature and soon humidity.

The solution will send automated tracking at scale, delivering valuable insights that our customers can translate into better business outcomes.

We’ve already been working with a number of our large customers to trial Track and Monitor to enhance visibility of enterprise assets.

Growing the finding network, with a Bluetooth locator community

The first taste of our Location of Things technology comes in September, with the release of a new Telstra Device Locator feature for the Telstra 24×7® App. Ideal for families with a mix of Android™ and iOS devices, the features helps customers locate their compatible devices from a single screen.

Telstra 24×7 App users will be able to opt-in Telstra Device Locator by enabling location permissions and at the same time they’ll become part of a Bluetooth locator community that allows Telstra mobile customers to securely and anonymously help other customers find lost valuables. This will become part of the combination of Telstra technologies that supports the Telstra Locator product.

The Bluetooth locator community will continue to grow and strengthen over the next few years when more than 6,000 Telstra vehicles are fitted with Bluetooth locator technology, as well as 6,000 Cab Digital Media vehicles – travelling more than 1 million kilometres each day.

For a long time we’ve talked IoT technology, and it’s been a conversation about technology. That conversation is now changing to a conversation about a customer experience revolution.

Our Location of Things technology has been developed with customers, for customers, to solve everyday problems for Australians – from families and local businesses through to our country’s largest enterprises.

™ and ® are trade marks and registered trade marks of Telstra Corporation Limited. Android is a trademark of Google LLC. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trade marks owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Telstra Corporation Ltd is under licence.