Once upon a time smartphones came in one size. But with the rise in video content we’ve seen screens getting bigger and bigger, with 5 inch and now even 6 inch displays on offer.

But there’s a countervailing trend going on. It seems small is big again, thanks to the introduction of a raft of compact smartphones for those of us who like a traditional sized screen.

The HTC One Mini 2 is the latest compact smartphone and is due to hit our stores on 2 September. We have it exclusively in Gold (pictured after the jump) and it’s also available in Gun Metal.

The HTC One mini 2

The screen measures in at 4.5”, with a stylish body and rounded edges. It fits comfortably in your hand and you’ll get the perfect selfie every time with its impressive 5MP front facing camera.

This compact phone is 700MHz ready, which means when we upgrade our mobile network this summer,  you’ll be able to connect to more of the things you love on the move: more tweets, more streaming, more selfies, more updates, more everything.

So does the HTC One Mini 2 sound like it’s the perfect size for you? Or are phablets more your style?

Pricing and availability

Customers can purchase the HTC One Mini 2 on a $55 Mobile Accelerate plan plus $5 per month handset repayments when they stay connected for 24 months, which includes 500 MB of data (excess usage $0.03c/MB) for use in Australia ($60/month – minimum cost over 24 months is $1680. 2 minute standard call $2.38).

Business customers can purchase the HTC One Mini 2 on a $65 Easy Share Business Plan, plus $2 per month handset payment when they stay connected for 24 months. Includes 1 GB of data to use in Australia. Minimum cost is $1608 ($67/month, 2 minute standard call $2, excess data is 3c/MB).

Customers can also purchase the HTC One Mini 2 outright for $528.

The HTC One Mini 2 will be available in-store and online from 2 September.

Editors note: data allowance for customers amended on 3/9/2014.