What if machines were better at doing our jobs than we were? Well, rapid advances in digital technologies and connectivity mean they already are in some situations – and the big question is, what does that mean for the future of work?

This was the topic Telstra CEO Andy Penn tackled during a keynote at CEDA in Melbourne today.

“We would be naive to think technology is not going to continue to drive changes in our lives and in the workplace – the real issue then is how do we respond and how we prepare ourselves for the future,” Mr Penn said.

“To ready our workplaces, help those in the workforce today and to prepare tomorrow’s workers, we do need to think carefully about the future of work, the investments we are making and the capabilities and skills we are building.”

As well as detailing the key areas where Australia should focus – developing a shared vision, building core skills and developing partnerships – Mr Penn also described how Telstra was transforming in a time of rapid change.

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