Tesla’s arrival heralds new era for Aussie motorists

Imagine a world where your car whisks you safely from A to B without you even having to place a hand on the steering wheel.

Or, a car so intelligent it can find and direct you to the nearest parking space.

Or, imagine being able to avoid a costly breakdown because your car gets in touch with your mechanic automatically for a remote check-up when its performance skips a beat.

You’re imagining the world of the connected car – and it’s much closer than you might think.

If fact, for some lucky motorists a taste of this world is already here thanks to last week’s official launch of the Tesla Model S electric car in Australia.

We’re really excited to be providing mobile connectivity to power multiple state-of-the-art features in the Model S including the infotainment and remote diagnostics systems.

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Our network will enable Tesla Model S owners to access live information via the Model S’s epic 17-inch touch screen. Drivers and passengers will be able to stream music, pull up Google maps and navigation, and access near real-time traffic updates.

Our network will also make it possible for Model S owners to use a special app on their smartphone to check the progress of their vehicle’s charge, locate their car, turn on air-conditioning remotely before hitting the road and unlock doors without using a key.

In addition to providing drivers with near real-time information about their vehicle, we’re also connecting the remote engine diagnostics system that can relay information about the car’s performance to Tesla service staff. If an owner feels something has gone wrong with their car, remote diagnosis helps Tesla identify the issue and a solution without direct access to the car.

It’s pretty exciting stuff. And while a Tesla may be a little out of reach for many of us, the connected technology pioneered in the Model S is a pointer to what’s coming down the road for Aussie motorists. Can’t wait.