Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has just wrapped up. It’s where the global tech industry gathered to showcase what’s coming next, and this year’s show had a great selection of gear.

This was the first time Mobile World Congress has been held since the pandemic kicked off in earnest. MWC was shelved, but finally came back in 2022, and a lot changed in just two years.

While a number of smartphone vendors skipped the show, we saw a bunch of tech that is going to change the way we live day to day. Some of it’s coming soon, the rest is here right now!

Here’s what we loved from the show floor this year.

5G laptops, ready for primetime

Just because it’s called “Mobile World Congress” doesn’t mean it’s just for mobile phones!

This year’s MWC in fact brought more cool laptops and tablet hybrids than it did smartphones.

More than a few brands brought their new laptops to play, but we loved seeing new gear from both Lenovo and Samsung. Both released great range of new laptops and laptop/tablet hybrids respectively.

Samsung debuted the great-looking new Galaxy Book range. The range features the Galaxy Book Pro and the Galaxy Book 360.

They’re both incredibly thin at under half and inch thick, and come packed with 5G connectivity for big-screen Galaxy action on the go.

You get new 11th-Gen Intel Core processors for power, and some nifty Galaxy features, like the ability to use your other Galaxy devices as a second screen.

Even faster 5G for Australia

Of course, to get the most out of 5G, you’ll be looking to use Australia’s best and fastest network: ours!

We debuted our latest speed record at Mobile World Congress, showing off a result of 5.9Gbps.

Not only that, we debuted modems that were able to take advantage of the new mmWave 5G capabilities.

The new Netgear Nighthawk M6 Pro puts you on the cutting-edge of connectivity. You’ll be able to connect to our 5G mmWave network (where available as we continue our rollout), and share it with more connections thanks to Wi-Fi 6 compatibility.

It is currently slated for release in April.

On top of that, the good folks at Ookla saw it fit to give us the award for fastest mobile network in Australia!

The final frontier

Australia’s a big place, and getting coverage to everyone by conventional means can be hard.

That’s why we’re exploring unconventional means.

We’re teaming up with OneWeb – a leading satellite provider – to see how we can use Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites to get more connectivity into hard-to-reach places.

A combination of Telstra’s mobile network and OneWeb’s LEO satellite technology could mean a real boost for connectivity in remote Australia.

It also opens the possibility of bringing high-speed, low latency connectivity from space, as well as support for enterprise and small businesses across Australia and improving the resilience of our broader network.

Check out what makes LEO satellites so special.

Moving to the metaverse and beyond

Our CEO, Andy Penn, gave a speech at Mobile World Congress, all about what’s coming next.

One such trend we can expect to see is the metaverse: a virtual world where we can all work, learn and play.

While we can expect to see the metaverse transform our everyday lives, Andy shared that it depends a lot on hardware that hasn’t been created yet.

And of course, strong connectivity is the backbone of it all!

Check out what else is on the cards for us in coming years.