At Telstra Vantage 2019 this week, we’ve demonstrated a huge variety of innovative products and services, from 5G to IoT and everything in between.

Over 3 million new IoT ‘things’ on our network

Australians are well and truly embracing the Internet of Things, with over 3.2 million devices now connected to our IoT network and an average of 2000 more being added every day.

At Telstra Vantage 2019, we’ve been showcasing how these connected ‘things’ are assisting to increase safety, reduce costs and help our customers.

Telstra Data Hub: helping companies better share, use, and solve problems with their data

In the past, the world’s data doubled every century. Now it doubles on average every two years. The challenge facing consumers, business, industry and government is with so much data being generated, how do they harness it to drive meaning, innovation and productivity?

We’ve developed Data Hub on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to help companies better analyse and solve problems with data.

Australia’s first live 5G broadcast and what 5G could mean for entertainment

Australia’s first live 5G broadcast - Kurrawa beach, Queensland

Among the many 5G demonstrations on the Telstra Vantage floor this year was Australia’s first live 5G broadcast.

In partnership with Igloovision, Summit Tech Multimedia Communications and Magna Group, we streamed 360° video, live over 5G, from Kurrawa beach, Queensland onto the Vantage show floor in an eye-popping 8K resolution.

We’re building one of the world’s largest underground LTE networks for digital mining

We want to use the vast array of technology at our fingertips today to help businesses be more productive and efficient.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new partnership with South32 for a private 4G LTE network at their North West Queensland mine. The network will drive improved safety, automation and mechanisation at the site and will connect staff to vehicles and sensors around the mine at all times.

Meet the new enterprise: better together with Telstra Purple

Customers are increasingly looking to us to help transform their businesses, technology and operational processes, building on the connectivity backbone we are well known for both here in Australia and internationally.

That’s why we’ve combined our professional services arms and recent acquisitions to form Telstra Purple.