Once the fortress of solitude for early adopters, Instagram was a place to share foodstagrams, shots of bands no-one had ever heard of and, arty close-up pics of espresso martinis from hidden laneway bars.

Now with more than 2 billion photos being uploaded to the internet every single day it’s absolutely no surprise that Instagram is growing at the speed of a camera flash. It’s a destination for inspiration, a place to find new cafes in your city, hamburgers that are far too good to be true, home decor that you absolutely must have right now and, of course all those places you’ve been meaning to visit.

With nearly 300 million users, Instagram has become like a peak hour train with everyone cramming their images onto the platform to give you some FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). And quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality (there’s only so many inspirational quotes about Wednesday that I can read). My solution, which has been quite liberating is to do a cull of the accounts that you follow and you’ll be surprised how many you can dump especially.

Here’s a list of some of my favourite Grammers:

Samsung Mobile
– All the best shots from Samsung’s mobile division. If you’re a fan of the new Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge then this is where you need to be.

Lauren Bath
– More than 400 thousand followers can’t be wrong. Lauren’s photos from all around Australia are beautifully presented and tell a great story.

A photo posted by Lauren Bath (@laurenepbath) on

I Am A Food Blog
– Stephanie Le’s blog has a wide array of recipes and her Instagram showcases these in the best possible way. Probably best to stay away from this one around lunch time.

A photo posted by stephanie le (@iamafoodblog) on

Dean Raphael
– Beautiful images from around Victoria and the east coast of Australia.

A photo posted by Dean Raphael (@deanraphael) on

Mitch Clark
– Along with a versatile footballer, Clark is also very handy behind the camera.

A photo posted by @mitchclark on

Margaret Zhang
– Stylist/Writer/Photographer who pulls together great photos covering fashion.

E! News
– If you’re after some celebrity news then this is the first and last place you need to stop.

A photo posted by E! News (@enews) on

Lola Berry
– Health, wellbeing and some inspirational quotes thrown in for good measure.

A photo posted by Lola Berry (@yummololaberry) on

Grand Designs
– Curating all the best images from homes around Australia, and that feature heavily in the TV series that you can catch on Foxtel.

Out Of The Box
Frank Body
– They do a great job of promoting their product by putting out fun and irreverent posts

A photo posted by frank body (@frank_bod) on

Hopefully that list helps you out a little and you can cut through a lot of the rubbish that’s been thrown at you currently.

Of course, don’t forget to check out @telstra on Instagram as well.

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Header image via tulpahn / Shutterstock.com

The above is a personal blog entry; any commentary on third parties and their activities in the blog entry is not intended to be an endorsement by Telstra.