What happens when you cross a very keen craft lover and with a speedy internet connection? The result, thanks to Fiona Michelon of Craft Hunter, is the very first Telstra digital crafternoon, powered by nbn.

Join Fiona as she presents how to make paper cactus; the perfect antidote for kids (and grown-ups) suffering from an acute case of boredom-induced cabin fever.

Follow along with the video above to make your own.

You’ll need:

Paper Cactus Project (HQ) (1 of 15)

  • Coloured paper or card
  • Paint or markers
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paintbrush
  • Toothpick
  • Craft glue
  • An old pot, cardboard box or tin
  • Rice or scrap paper for filling in your pot

How to make cactus #1

Paper Cactus Project (HQ) (3 of 15)

  • Draw a cactus shape onto coloured paper or card (with or without the arm shapes) and then cut it out with scissors
  • Trace this shape onto a second piece of paper or card, and cut it out also
  • Cut half way up from the bottom of one of your pieces, the half way down from the top of the other
  • Draw some spikes with either paint or a marker. You could draw dashes, dots, crosses or stars its really up to you.
  • Slot the two pieces into each other
  • Put a little bit of glue onto your toothpick and use this apply glue to the areas which will touch, to hold it in place. Little crafters might need a hand with this step so as not to make too much of a mess
  • Decorate your pot with a paint or marker. I painted my boxes white first then gave them some fun shape patterns
  • To turn your pots into hanging planters, carefully push two holes either side of the box and tie some string either side.
  • Now to fill your pots! First fill the pot to around three quarters full with scrap paper, then you can fill the top with either rice or chopped up bits of paper its really up to you.

And that’s it! You’ve made yourself a fun paper cactus!

How to make cactus #2

Paper Cactus Project (HQ) (11 of 15)

  • Fold some paper or card in half
  • Draw half of a rounded cactus shape
  • Cut both pieces out together, so that you’re left with a symmetrical shape
  • Trace this onto another piece of paper five times and cut them out
  • Cut 30 little triangles, around two centremetres long, to be your spikes
  • Apply glue to one half or your round shape
  • Add five spikes down the side so that they overhand a little
  • Place a second round shape on top, so that it aligns neatly around the edges
  • Repeat this with the five other pieces until you’ve got a complete cactus
  • Real cactus sometimes have little pink flowers on top, so if you wanted to you could cut some out of pink card and glue to tops of your cactus too.