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Telstra Windows Phone 7 Social Review update

Telstra News

Posted on December 10, 2010

2 min read

Today is the final day of the Social Review.  Keep an eye out on the #TelstraWP7 hashtag on Twitter to compare and contrast the final thoughts and impressions of the Social Reviewers. If you don’t want to miss out on any of the blogs being published today, we’ve created an RSS feed to make it easy to read/watch the opinions and experiences of the Social Reviewers.

As always, you can go back and read the tweets or jump into the #Telstrawp7 hashtag and ask the Social Reviewers about their experience to date.

At our welcome session we also spoke to the Reviewers about battery life for the HTC 7 Mozart.  Following customer feedback, we said that we would make some tweaks to the servers that support push email on the Mozart and this would optimise battery life. On Wednesday morning we completed these changes and Mozart owners (and Reviewers) should now enjoy optimal battery life when using push email.

Each reviewer also has an Xbox 360 from Microsoft so they can experience Xbox LIVE gaming on multiple screens.  Users can use the same Xbox avatar on their handset, carry over gaming points earned on either device and chat with their Xbox online community on their WP 7 mobile.  Reviewers were not  asked to review the Xbox.  The focus has always been on reviewing  the HTC Mozart 7, Windows Phone 7 operating system and Telstra’s Next G network.

You might have seen this video on Delimiter a couple of days ago, but in case you haven’t you can learn more about the #TelstraWP7 Reviewers in the video below.

Finally, I’d like to thank the Social Reviewers for investing the time to share their first time impressions and presenting their insights based on their point of view.  If your handset is critical for work or play, temporarily moving to a new handset is a disruption and can be really frustrating.  I’ll follow up in the next week or so with a wrap-up blog.