After several milestones this year in preparation for 5G, today we turned on 5G in selected areas on the Gold Coast – making the Telstra Mobile Network the first in Australia to be 5G ready.

At the beginning of the year, we opened our 5G Innovation Centre on the Gold Coast. This centre has been the home for testing the next generation of mobile technologies in Australian conditions to support the early commercial deployment of 5G.

Since that opening, we have achieved multiple world and Australian firsts including the world’s first precinct of 5G-enabled WiFi hotspots, Australia’s first Connected Car, and the world’s first end-to-end 5G data call on a commercial mobile network.

Today we can announce we have switched on 5G technology across selected areas of the Gold Coast, making Australia’s largest and fastest mobile network is the first in the country to be 5G ready. And this is just the beginning of our roll out of 5G technology, with more than 200 5G-capable sites planned to be live around the country by the end of 2018.

So what do we mean by ‘5G ready’? Telstra’s 5G network readiness means if a 5G commercial device was available today, a customer would have a working 5G service.

Our plans are well on the way to delivering 5G, and today we have turned on a selection of sites across the Gold Coast using the licensed 3.4GHz spectrum and these sites are connected to our new modernised production core network.

Over the coming months we will continue expanding our 5G coverage with plans to roll out to more capital cities, regional centres and other high demand areas.

The Gold Coast will also be the location for a key 3GPP meeting, the international standard setting body, in September to consider the global standards for 5G. We are looking forward to hosting leading 5G developers from around the world so Australian businesses can begin developing products and services that will take advantage of 5G.

Telstra’s rollout of 5G is underpinned by around $5 billion in mobile network investment over the three years to 30 June 2019, consistent with previous guidance, to enhance the capacity, capability and reach of our network.

This investment is a key element of our T22 strategy, which will help us to lead the Australian market by simplifying our operations and product set, improving customer experience and reducing our cost base.