The Samsung GALAXY S II, Australia’s fastest smartphone, will launch on the Telstra Next G® network on July 26.

This Android™ 2.3 Gingerbread-powered device will run at galactic speeds thanks to its 1.2GHz dual-core processor and a connection to Australia’s largest HSPA+ network.

Teamed with the Telstra Next G® network, our customers will be able to enjoy mobile web speeds up to twice as fast as those available on non HSPA+ networks in all capital cities and selected areas.

Couple this with Adobe Flash support and you have one of the fastest and most graphic-rich mobile web browsing experiences available.

Samsung Galaxy S IIGalaxy S II customers will also be among the first to benefit from the clarity of HD voice calling which was recently launched on our network and is enabled on this smartphone[1].

At just 8.49mm thin, with a powerful processor and vivid 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen display, the Samsung GALAXY S II marks a significant evolution from its predecessor, the popular GALAXY S.

The Samsung GALAXY S II provides access to a range of apps (both pre-loaded on the device or delivered through Samsung Apps) including free premium turn-by-turn navigation from NAVIGON[2] and a free 30 day trial of The Age and Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide apps[3].

Also available on the Samsung GALAXY S II is Samsung Dive – a free remote find, lock and wipe service which offers complete peace of mind if you ever lose your phone (data charges may apply), as well as Kies Air which enables users to sync their Samsung GALAXY S II and PC to back up personal information via Wi-Fi.

The Samsung GALAXY S II also offers exclusive access to three integrated portals including Social Hub, Readers Hub and Game Hub. A fourth music-based hub will also launch soon.

Pricing and Availability

The Samsung GALAXY S II will be available from Telstra stores, dealers and online at from 26 July.

Consumer customers can purchase the Galaxy SII on Telstra’s Freedom® Connect Plans including on the $59 Freedom® Connect Plan with a mobile repayment option of $20 per month, after using an included MRO Bonus (for eligible customers), for 24 months  (min cost is $1,896). This plan includes $550 worth of eligible calls, unlimited standard national text and 1.5GB of data to use in Australia each month.

Business customers can purchase the Galaxy SII on a $79 Business Mobile Maximiser plan with a $15 phone payment per month over 24 months (min cost is $ 2,256 over 24 months). This plan includes $800 worth of eligible calls, unlimited standard national text and MessageBank® and 2GB of data to use in Australia each month.

It can also be purchased outright for RRP $840

Testing times but it’s worth the wait

Many of you have asked why Telstra has released the Galaxy SII a little later than the competition. One of the reasons is that Telstra rigorously tests smartphones before they are launched onto our network. That means that our phones are not just compatible with our 850Mhz Next G® network – they’re optimised to run on it.

As a general rule Telstra puts new smartphones through three test cycles. We do this because we know you expect the best from your new purchase. We’re told by handset manufactures that it’s one of the most complete testing regimes anywhere in the world. At the conclusion of each test cycle we ask our vendor partners to resolve any significant issues identified.  These improvements eventually comprise a Next G®-optimised software package that runs the phone. Sometimes it will also result in hardware changes.

As a result of Telstra testing, a number of improvements will appear on the Telstra variant Samsung Galaxy SII. These include:

  • Better UMTS 850 RF sensitivity reducing instances of call drops and improved data speeds. This was achieved by asking Samsung to tune the calibration of the antenna based on Telstra’s test results.
  • Improved UI performance/responsiveness.
  • Improved data throughput rates when used as a tethered modem on some operating systems
  • Improved attachment handling when using the e-mail client.
  • Improved stability when used as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

[1] Customers with HD-compatible handsets can make and receive HD Voice calls automatically at no extra cost where the receiver also uses a HD compatible handset on the Next G® network.

[2] Initial application update required is approximately 9 MB in size. Initial map download is approximately 350 MB. Data charges may apply for both application update and map download. After initial download, the maps are located on the phone. No ongoing data charges apply when using navigation alone.

[3] After the trial period, a one-off fee of $4.99 is required for continued use of the app. Internet download fees may apply.