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Telstra technology tips for flood affected areas

Telstra News

Posted on January 13, 2011

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Some customers may experience call congestion on the network due to sheer volume of calls being made. Telstra reminds customers to keep conversations to a minimum to help keep the network open for emergency calls. If your call does not connect the first time, wait a few minutes and try again.

Tech tips

We have compiled a series of technology tips to be mindful of, and hopefully help everyone through this difficult time.

Tips for customers during this time:

  • Power and your home phone – please note that power failures will affect cordless PSTN phones and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services that require 240V power to operate. Customers using VoIP should check with their service providers. It is best to use a standard fixed phone during this time, as it does not rely on 240V power to operate. Power failures will also impact other home electrical items like broadband modems and Foxtel.
  • Have a spare mobile battery – it’s advisable to have a spare, fully charged battery on stand-by. Also, charge you battery when you have the opportunity due to power outages.
  • Carry an additional mobile phone charger – an in-car and a separate AC mains charger are essential if you are leaving your home.
  • Keep essential numbers close by – have a list of essential contact numbers close at hand, including local Police, Fire, SES and Telstra’s fault line – 132203.
  • Use Triple Zero (000) appropriately – only call Triple Zero in life threatening emergencies.
  • Keep calls to a minimum – it’s advisable to keep calls to a minimum during this time to allow people to call emergency service organisations.

Tips on how to preserve mobile battery life:

  • Limit phone use to essential communications (voice & SMS).
  • Switch Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth services off (unless required).
  • Reduce screen brightness via your phone settings.
  • Avoid surfing the net or playing videos on your phone.

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