Perth is now home to one of the world’s most connected stadiums, changing the way fans experience major sporting events. John Khoury, our Director of Business Services, shares how Telstra, as lead ICT sub-contractor under construction contractor, Multiplex, has been instrumental in bringing world-class technology to the West.

Have you ever been at an Eagles versus Dockers derby only to miss out on a game-changing goal because you were stuck in line on a food run for your mates? Or have you tried to livestream your reaction to a questionable umpire decision at the same time as thousands of others – and your post goes nowhere?

At Perth’s new stadium, fans will enjoy a new kind of experience thanks to its world-class technology. This technology forms the nerve centre of the stadium, and controls connectivity throughout the venue – including to one of the biggest integrated LED sports lighting systems in the world.

Live match video and broadcast programming is delivered via Telstra’s tried and tested venue-grade IPTV service across 1,000 television screens throughout the stadium – so you’ll never miss out on the action when you need to step away from your seat.

Fans will be able to access the free public Wi-Fi so they can stream content to their device and keep friends and family updated on social media. We’ve installed one of the largest networks of Wi-Fi access points in any Australian stadium so anyone attending a match or concert will be able to connect once they’ve walked through the gates.

The technology we have integrated has future-proofed the stadium for the people that will enjoy it in years to come by providing a foundation for the venue’s operator and other service providers to add new applications and services.

We’re excited by this new stadium, created for fans in Perth and those who visit from around the country and beyond. It took more than 11,000 hours over a two-year construction period for our team to install all the tech behind the scenes, and we really have been able to deliver on the commitment to create a stadium that puts fans’ experiences front and centre.

Our involvement by the numbers:

  • 200 switches form the nerve centre of the stadium and control connectivity throughout the venue for over 5,500 field points.
  • More than 1,400 wireless access points provide the high-density Wi-Fi solution.
  • Our team spent more than 11,000 hours onsite over a two year period.