For the past couple of months I’ve had to compete with my family for time with our home phone.

My wife, kids – and even my father-in-law – have all taken a renewed fancy to it.

You see, for the past couple of months we’ve been trialling the new Telstra T-Hub 2 which launches today. It’s the next evolution of the home phone.

Smartphones and tablets have completely changed our expectations about what we can do with a mobile device. T-Hub 2 does the same for the home phone – it’s designed to cater to what a modern household wants:

  • A high quality voice calling experience
  • Ease of use with touch screen interaction on the tablet
  • Great look and feel
  • Integration with the increasingly connected home
  • Always on, so it’s fast to get information you need.

In creating the T-Hub 2, we’ve retained the features our original T-Hub customers like most.

First and foremost, our focus was to create a great home phone experience. The core call features include:

  1. Handsfree calling from the tablet or cordless handset. I personally love this feature when I am travelling, because I can check in with the whole family at night when they’re around the kitchen bench, and the call quality is great.
  2. Updating contacts using a touch screen keyboard and placing calls with the touch of a button.
  3. Accessing voicemail messages from a list so you can see who called and jump to the messages you want to hear most.

Powered by Android

One of the things our original T-Hub customers said they wanted was a greater range of applications to chose from.

To address this, T-Hub 2 is powered by Android. This means owners get access to a great range of Android applications and games from Google Play. The only problem is the kids will want to steal it away to play Angry Birds or Draw Something when you’re wanting to use it for a recipe or to listen to internet radio!

It also means navigation, web browsing and personalising the home screen on T-Hub 2 will be very familiar to many customers.

A new design

Physically, T-Hub 2 has been redesigned from the ground up. We’ve aimed for a premium feel with both the phone and tablet featuring curved lines and an elegant black and white finish. It also has the same look as our home network gateways, such as the BigPond Premium ADSL Home Network Gateway, so they look great together around the home.

The Wi-Fi enabled tablet still features a 7-inch screen. However, it’s higher resolution. T-Hub 2 also comes with a charging cradle that incorporates stereo speakers so customers can enjoy high quality music.

The tablet has a built-in kick stand so you can set it up easily throughout the home, such as playing internet radio in the bathroom or reading the news over breakfast. There’s also a 1.2 megapixel front and 1.9 megapixel rear-facing camera for capturing video or taking photos.

Handy features at your finger tips

Like the original T-Hub, T-Hub 2 puts organisation and entertainment services at customers’ finger tips. There are built-in calendar and email apps so customers can plan and manage their day.

There is a handy weather widget as well as links to BigPond news and sports content – all of which is unmetered.

There are also Yellow and White Pages apps. Customers can touch a number to call Yellow or While Pages listings.

T-Hub 2 comes with TuneIn radio pre-installed. That gives customers access to tens of thousands of local and international radio stations over the internet. This is a superb experience on the hub. My father in law loves this – he is fluent in Italian and uses it to tune into his favourite Italian news radio station most days

Connected home

And finally, we’ve built T-Hub 2 to be a connected home controller.

The T-Box remote control app is pre-installed on the T-Hub 2 so T-Box owners can use the T-Hub 2 for channel surfing.

More importantly, T-Hub 2 features Telstra’s T-Share application – an application designed to make it easier to view and share videos, photos and music between T-Hub, T-Box and smart TVs and PCs.

For instance you can use the T-Share application to play a video that is saved on your compatible/DLNA certified PC on your T-Hub 2. Or, you can share a video saved on your T-Hub 2 with your compatible/DLNA certified big screen TV. In both instances T-Hub 2 becomes your controller.


T-Hub 2 is available outright for $360 for customers with eligible BigPond internet and fixed line services.

Customers can also purchase T-Hub 2 in monthly installments of $15 per month over 24 months.

We find the most popular way for customers to purchase the T-Hub is to include it in their T-Bundle and pay it off over the 24 months.

Buying with a T-Bundle means that you also have services like Calling Number Display and MessageBank already included so there are no additional charges to worry about.

Our T-Bundles include Family Calls Benefit, which gives customers unlimited national voice calls made between the home phone and up to four eligible mobile services on a customer’s single bill.

Most of our bundles also include unlimited local calls from the customer’s home phone.

Telstra T-Hub 2 - a smarter home phone

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