Perennial Sydney Mardi Gras crowd favourites, the LifeSavers with Pride are marching in their 7th parade this year and with Telstra’s help will achieve a first for the Mardi Gras parade.

Tying in with the theme of “Generations of Love”, the LifeSavers with Pride float features an interactive billboard allowing the GLBTI community and revellers at the parade to share their messages of affection simply by texting their name and their partners name to 0499 MY LOVE.

Telstra has been sponsoring Surf Live Saving Australia since 2004 and partnered with it to help budding lifesavers all over the country become surf safe. We are proud to be supporting another aspect of SLSA by allowing the GLBTI community and revellers to spread the love this Mardi Gras evening as the LifeSavers with Pride float glides up Oxford street.

By sending your SMS, you can also receive a picture message to your phone of two toned and tan members of the SLSA on the beach holding up a rescue board featuring your messsage.

Remember you can spread the love by texting name [SPACE] name to 0499 MY LOVE (0499 695 683) to appear on the billboard. Standard SMS charges apply.

Like Sydney Mardi Gras, the Telstra’s brand has connection, colour and diversity at its core so we wish everyone a colourful and fun parade.

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Update 02/03/13.
The surfboard of love will not be displaying messages tonight but fans are still able to send their messages and receive the free MMS returned to their mobile phone