We know that Aussies love to travel and stay connected wherever they are. Like many other people I like to be able to use my own mobile phone and phone number while I am travelling overseas to stay in touch with my family and friends.

Making and receiving calls when travelling overseas can be confusing with different rates for making and receiving calls as well as different rates for calling a local number, calling back to Australia or calling another country. We realise that it can be difficult for our customers to manage their costs with all of these different rates so we are simplifying the way we charge for voice calls when roaming overseas.

From 24 March 2014 all of the 192 countries where Telstra offers International Roaming will be classified into one of eight zones. Each zone will have one price to both make and receive calls. Calls will be charged in 60-second blocks instead of the current 30-second blocks with all calls rounded up to the nearest minute, in line with our domestic plans.

We are also removing the call connection fees for our Post-Paid customers on calls they receive overseas. Pre-Paid customers will no longer have pay connection fees on outgoing or incoming calls when roaming. Customers can also call the Telstra International Roaming Helpdesk 125 109 (within Australia) and +61 439 125 109 (from overseas), from their Telstra mobile service, free of charge for help and information.

Voice call charges for the eight zones

  • Zone 1 $1.50 per minute: includes New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore
  • Zone 2 $2.00 per minute: includes Greece, Malaysia and Vietnam
  • Zone 3 $2.50 per minute: includes Fiji, Hong Kong and Thailand
  • Zone 4 $3.00 per minute: includes Canada, Philippines and the USA
  • Zone 5 $3.50 per minute: includes China, Italy and the UAE
  • Zone 6 $4.00 per minute: includes Indonesia, Portugal and Turkey
  • Zone 7 $4.50 per minute: includes Croatia, Mexico and Sri Lanka
  • Zone 8 $5.00 per minute: includes Bangladesh, Maldives and Zimbabwe

These changes will apply to all Telstra customers. All customers receive an SMS when they land overseas that detail the call, SMS and data rates for that country. The price of sending an SMS message will remain at 75 cents and data at $3.00/MB (where a customer has not purchased a data pack or plan). It is free to receive SMS while roaming.

Simplifying our International Roaming calls rates is the latest change we have made to help our customers manage their costs when travelling overseas. In October 2013 we increased the amount of data in our Casual Traveller Data Packs, five –fold, these packs can be used in 50 eligible countries. In April 2013 we introduced our International Roaming data usage alerts, which are sent to customers after every 20MB of data they use when roaming.

To find out more information on the International Roaming changes visit the Telstra overseas website.