In an Australian first, we have recorded smartphone download speeds in excess of 1 Gigabit per second (1Gbps) on a commercial mobile network – using the new Samsung Galaxy S9+.

We’ve achieved the fastest download speeds of any commercial smartphone on any commercial network, with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9+ cracking the 1Gbps mark repeatedly in our real-world tests in Sydney. One of the tests recorded a blistering 1.03Gbps. To put that in context, a new-release movie like Thor Ragnarok (of around 3.2GB download size) from Google Play Movies would take a mere 25 seconds to download at this speed.

The 1.03Gbps result recorded in our real-world test in Sydney
The 1.03Gbps result recorded in our real-world test in Sydney.

Our head of mobiles Kevin Teoh said that as well as being an Australian first, this is an important milestone for our mobile network: “This is the first time in Australia that speeds in excess of 1Gbps have been demonstrated on a commercial network with a commercial smartphone”.

“While customers using this phone on Telstra’s 4GX service will typically see download speeds in the range of 5-300Mbps – tests like these show that, from time to time, Galaxy S9 owners may see significantly higher speeds in Telstra’s gigabit-enabled coverage areas.”

These download tests are an exciting benchmark for the quality of our network and of the latest smartphones running on it, but they also demonstrate that these innovations enable a new set of high-tech features in the devices we carry around in our pockets.

Kevin Teoh explains further: “Cracking the magic gigabit mark on smartphones is an exciting milestone. As smartphones evolve and we move into the 5G era there will be a new raft of sophisticated features that are enabled by reliably fast data speeds.

Samsung Galaxy S9 cracks 1.03Gbps speeds in real-world testing

“High-quality augmented reality, virtual personal assistants that anticipate needs and virtual doctors that monitor vital signs are just some of the technologies that are on the horizon.”

Telstra’s gigabit-enabled coverage is available in the Sydney and Melbourne CBDs (3km radius), Brisbane Adelaide CBDs (2.0 km radius) and a number of sites in selected high traffic locations. Gigabit LTE deployment is also underway in the Perth CBD. Typical customer speeds will be less.

For Cat 16 or Cat 18 devices, typical speeds are in the range of 5 to 300 Mbps in 4GX coverage areas, with the upper end of that range more often experienced in the gigabit-enabled areas noted.

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