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Telstra presents Ginger & Smart at Fashion Week

Telstra News

Posted on May 1, 2012

2 min read

Last night, Telstra was a sponsor of the Ginger and Smart 10th Anniversary fashion show and I was lucky enough to attend the show and interview sisters Alexandra & Genevieve for this blog.

Waiting outside David Jones on Castlereagh street in Sydney, I looked around at the fashionable crowd assembling and couldn’t help but feel excited as I watched the private cars rolling up and the glamoratti stepping out.

We waited at the doors of David Jones for the clock to strike nine, and the show started at the fashionably late time of 10pm. From the looks of it, I was the only person for whom 10pm was usually bedtime.

Once the lift doors opened on the grand ballroom of level 7 David Jones, I was greeted by the registration line, the Telstra media board and chandeliers as far as the eye could see!

We waited in the registration line with the fashion crowd, in their tailored pants and short dresses and high high heels, to get our front row seat to the show of the week.

And now we have a front row view for you …


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