In our long history, we have always strived to bring you more first, from the first digital mobile network in Australia to Australia’s first 5G network and soon first 5G devices. Today, we are announcing a new rewards program for our loyal customers, giving you the opportunity to earn discounts on new technology as well as bonus entertainment and more.

Australians now have more choice than ever when it comes to their telco provider, and millions of customers continue to choose Telstra for their connectivity, technology and entertainment.

We value every single customer, and we want to say a thank you for being with us and proudly announce we have found a way to reward your loyalty.

Today we bring you our new rewards program, Telstra Plus, which will give you the opportunity to earn discounts on the latest devices and accessories, as well as access to discounted and pre-sale movie tickets, entertainment rewards, VIP tech support, and more simply for being a Telstra customer. We are also working with leading technology partners to pass on discounts on some of the world’s best technology to you.

From today, you and our around 8 million consumer customers can sign up to be a member of Telstra Plus from today with bonus points being given to customers that sign up before 30 June 2019.

From 14 May, you will begin to accumulate points you can later exchange for discounts on the latest devices and accessories. You will earn points for every dollar you spend on your bill every month, every service, every subscription or device repayment.

In the last year, we have done a lot to put our customers first as part of our T22 strategy. We said goodbye to excess data charges on mobile plans, launched an expanded suite of entertainment and technology add-ons, launched Platinum support and removed lock-in fees for small businesses, and most recently introduced contract-free plans for home broadband.

These initiatives along with Telstra Plus, are part of our move to radically simplify our products and services for our customers, and to improve the experience that you can enjoy with us – and you will see this again when we launch our simplified mobile plans in June 2019 providing customers with more freedom and flexibility to customise their experience with Telstra.

You have told us that you want flexibility and choice, and that you want to be recognised and rewarded for your loyalty. Our new plans due in June, along with Telstra Plus, make that a reality.

Telstra Plus Points – From 14 May

Telstra Plus members will earn 10 points for every $1 they spend on their monthly account, which they will be able to put towards discounts on new accessories and handsets. There will be opportunities for customers to earn bonus points by adding a new service on their account, taking out a special deal or by simply upgrading their services.

Telstra Plus Member Benefits – Coming soon

Telstra Plus members will be allocated a tier status (Member, Silver, Gold) when they sign up, calculated on their previous 12 months’ spend.

  • All members will have access to discounted movie tickets, pre-sale tickets and front of line access for a variety of sport and entertainment experiences.
  • Silver members will receive a one-off Telstra Platinum tech support call online or over the phone per year and an entertainment bonus – details to be unveiled soon.
  • Gold members will receive priority call handling and 24×7 tech support online or over the phone through Telstra Platinum valued at $120 per year. Gold members will also receive an entertainment bonus – details to be unveiled soon.

Telstra Plus Rewards – Coming soon

Telstra Plus enables customers to earn points towards discounts on devices and tech accessories. Our most popular devices and accessories from leading tech partners will be available in our Telstra Plus rewards store for Telstra Plus members.

Members will earn points at different rates depending on their spend and account activity. Some examples using today’s devices include:

  • A household spending $80 a month would earn enough points after 18 months to fully redeem a smart speaker
  • A household spending $160 per month would have earned enough points after 18 months to fully redeem a Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster
  • A household spending $255 per month who also earned bonus points by adding a new service would have earned enough points after two years to receive a 25% discount off a Samsung Galaxy S10 or a 40% discount on a Samsung S8

From today, customers are encouraged to enroll in the program to earn points from 14 May with bonus points for all those signing up as members between now and 30 June.