If you’re anything like me, PayPal plays an important role in your online experience – whether I’m selling a few unwanted goodies on eBay or sponsoring an entrepreneur on Kiva – it’s the convenient and safe way to pay online.

So I’m excited to announce that we’ve expanded our online payment options for your Telstra bill to include PayPal. And best of all, there’s no payment fee for using PayPal.

Paying your bill with PayPal is easy:

  1. Grab your Telstra account number (located on the top of your email or paper bill, or get it online on MyAccount or via our 24×7 Apps) and payment amount.
  2. Head to telstra.com/paymybill and select PayPal as your payment option.
  3. Enter your PayPal email address and password (allowing you to securely access funds from any PayPal funding source). If you don’t already have a PayPal account, you can sign up here.
  4. Review and confirm your payment to make sure you’ve entered everything correctly.
  5. You’re done – we’ll send you an email confirming your payment.

Initially we’ve made PayPal available on telstra.com, however we’re also already working on including PayPal within our award-winning ‘Telstra 24×7’ apps for your smartphone or tablet in the next few months.

Our 24×7 apps have been incredibly popular with well over one million downloads. And with more than one in five PayPal transactions in Australia currently taking place on a mobile device.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions – head to CrowdSupport, join the conversation by tweeting @Telstra or ‘Like’ us on Facebook for 24×7 service – facebook.com/Telstra24x7.

See you online soon!

Monty Hamilton

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