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Telstra opens next chapter of social media customer service

Telstra News

Posted on August 16, 2011

3 min read

Anyone who follows our staff on Twitter™ will know we’re avid Tweeters – myself included. If you value the joy of gaining new followers, or tracking the progress of a friend’s overseas trip then you know what I’m talking about.  Whether it is Facebook®, Twitter or our latest favourite- CrowdSupport™- at Telstra we’ve embraced social media as much as our customers have.

So much that we’ve spread out our reach and added a number of strings to our bow:

  • Firstly, we have extended the hours of our social media support team in Adelaide to 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Secondly, we are pleased to launch Facebook customer service.
  • And finally, we‘ve introduced CrowdSupport, a forum where customers help customers.

I know you might be wondering who would be talking to Telstra in the wee hours of the night but it just so happens that lots of our customers prefer that.  Since that famed day when we sent our first tweet back in 2009 (a predictable hello to the Twitterverse) we’ve grown to send over 35,000 messages to over 11,000 followers offering support to customer queries and questions.  When we looked to see how many people were talking about Telstra on social media we searched Twitter and found almost 100,000,000 mentions.


And over 20% of tweets to @telstra are “after hours” (a concept that doesn’t really exist online in the first place). So it seems natural that we are there when we’re needed by our customers.  Which is why our social media support team is now available 24/7- so we can answer that niggling question you have about data usage in the middle of the night, albeit possibly in our pajamas.  Or you can get help when overseas, whatever the time zone.

Twitter gets a lot of hype, and 20% of Australian internet users are said to be “tweeples”, but when you consider that about 50% of the Australian population are Facebook users, it’s only natural that you can now access Telstra customer service from there, as well. We’ve given customer service its own Facebook page, with features designed to provide customer service right there and then without leaving your favourite social space. Customers have a choice of chatting to our support team live, or submitting a request about their account which we’ll address offline.

Finally, our fantastic new online customer  forum, CrowdSupport,  lets you post questions about Telstra products & services or ask for help about using them or a device. But it also invites you to answer other customers’ questions. It’s all about “give and take” in this new community. Of course, Telstra service folks are on hand to help where needed, but often times the answer may well be the “wisdom of the customer (crowd)”.

So deciding how you take control over your Telstra services is now in your hands more than ever.

Plus don’t forget our online team is here to support you day or night; don’t lose sleep about it, Tweet about it!

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