This week, customers who own leading Samsung mobile devices can access popular instant messaging features to connect with loved ones all from a single inbox – without downloading additional apps.

It’s called Telstra Messaging and it’s built on a standard called Rich Communications Services (RCS), taking the 25-year-old SMS into the smartphone age. It comes with enhanced features like group chat, file sharing, read receipts and brings your SMS, MMS, chat and voicemail all in one inbox.

And in a first for Android devices in Australia, Telstra Messaging delivers your voicemail messages as individual audio files so you can manage your voicemail without having to call 101 MessageBank or play through all your messages.

Telstra Messaging will be rolled-out progressively to customers using Samsung S7, S7 Edge, S8 and S8+ handsets from this week with additional Android smartphones to be enabled in the coming months.

Telstra Messaging is another example of an Australian-first technology we’re introducing to customers, making it easier for them to stay in touch with family and friends.

We pioneered the introduction of cutting-edge voice and video calling capabilities like 4G and Wi-Fi Calling on smartphones in Australia, being the first to nationally rollout these technologies. We hope you’re as thrilled as we are to bring these next generation of data-driven mobile experiences to customers.

With RCS now established, we’re continuing to evolve the network to bring more exciting voice, video and messaging features to our customers that will integrate directly into handsets, tablets and computing devices in the future.

Telstra Messaging will be available to Consumer, Business and Enterprise customers. The best part is that you don’t need to download software to benefit from the technology. It’s automatically activated and the features are available when you message family and friends with a compatible Samsung mobile device on the Telstra network.