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Telstra Kiosk provides relief in Gympie

Telstra News

Posted on February 12, 2013

2 min read

Floods in Queensland last month caused massive damage to property. Among the affected properties was a Telstra store in Gympie which became completely submerged. A combination of teamwork, ingenuity and determination ensured that we continued to assist our local customers however.

Within two days the River Road Telstra premises in Gympie became completely submerged. According to Licensee Paul Atkinson, external cleaning began as soon as the water started to recede with staff members in boats using pressure washers.

Once the building was completely exposed, they cleaned the inside of the store with the assistance of the fire brigade.

In the meantime, it was obvious that the remaining Telstra store at Gympie’s Centro Shopping Centre would be overwhelmed with customers needing assistance.

It was decided to install a Telstra kiosk in the Centro Shopping Centre to act as a second store.  This was a team effort across Telstra including Paul and his team, local RSSD Kris Carver and Telstra Country Wide’s Gary Beard who arranged for laptops to be sent from Melbourne for use in the kiosk.

The kiosk was an instant success and hundreds of customers have made use of it. Paul maintains that they couldn’t have got through this difficult time without it.

Staff member Sheryl Duke was also impressed:  “(it was) wonderful to see Telstra as a corporation being so keen to assist us on a local basis, not only with the kiosk, but also with the provisions of ‘flood phones’ to be able to hand out to our customers in genuine need of a communication solution.”

“Quick things like putting on credit, replacing a SIM, reporting faults and reassuring customers that their lack of reception was due to floods was incredibly rewarding,” said colleague Kristi Holliss.

Overall customer feedback has been very positive too.

Back at River Road, ceiling and carpet have been replaced. Shop fitting and re-stocking will continue, along with the renewal of approximately 8 km of data cable.  The store should re-open for business on Thursday 14 February.  The Telstra kiosk will remain in service for some time beyond this date as well.