Yesterday was one of my most proud at Telstra. In full collaboration with the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta we developed the connected classroom as part of “The Delany Connective”. The Delany Connective aims to transform learning and teaching at Delany College, Granville. It focuses on 21st century learning experiences that connect students, teachers and the community.

Just six months in, the transformation has been extraordinary. Students are more engaged – they want to be there! In fact, they often don’t want to leave the classroom at recess or lunch because the way they are learning is so engaging, exciting and relevant.

So how was all this achieved in six short months? Teachers abandoned paper-based, rote learning and teacher-led instruction in favour of a new pedagogical model that focuses on the 4Cs – creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication.

Telstra helped co-create this new world of learning with education specific technology-optimised furniture, audio visual technology and video conferencing solutions that supported the ability to show, capture and share teachable moments.

I was simply blown away by the number of parents who took time away from work to be at the launch and share their stories. Without exception, they related their positive experiences – the amazing difference they have noticed in their sons and daughters. Those once disinterested in school, now really enjoying learning and building new friendships. They spoke of increased confidence and willingness to collaborate, and renewed commitment to learning.

This innovative approach to learning is in many ways driven by the demand and support of the Delany students and parents. They will ensure its sustainability and success – and the faces of everyone at Delany College say it all.

Pictured: photos from the launch at Delany College. Click to scroll through