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Telstra is all set to more than double the 4G network


Posted on August 28, 2012

4 min read

Today, we are announcing a dramatic expansion of our 4G service in Australia. Encouraged by reaching over 500,000 4G customers in less than 12 months, we are set to more than double our 4G coverage in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, extending to approximately two-thirds of the population within the next 10 months.

We already offer 4G coverage in more than 100 metropolitan and regional locations across the nation including all capital CBDs and we’re Australia’s only national 4G service. This network expansion will see more than 1,000 new 4G/LTE base stations installed by mid 2013. When all new sites are live, our 4G service will reach approximately 66% of the Australian population and it won’t stop there, with the growing take up of 4G devices we expect to see a rapid transition to 4G driven growth, this in turn will drive further network upgrades using 4G technology resulting an even wider 4G footprint.

Our combined 4G and world class 3G HSPA enabled network stretching to 99% of the population over 2.2 M sq kms underpins the performance that delivered us the prestigious JD Powers award for the leading mobile network in Australia. That’s not a claim we make in vain and it’s not a position we take lightly, it carries with it great responsibility. Our plan is to stay true to that claim and continue to expand our network and sustain its performance for two important reasons:

  1. So our existing customers continue to get a superior mobile broadband experience on Telstra.
  2. To attract potential new customers, particularly anyone considering acquiring a new 4G device.

If you’re not currently with Telstra and you’re not yet a 4G customer, chances are you’re contemplating a 4G device as the next one you will buy. Our vision is that 4G will become the dominant mobile technology in the coming years, so if that’s the case and you’re looking around at all the great new 4G devices on offer, then you should chat with Telstra for a number of very important reasons:

  1. Coverage: Our 4G service is the largest in Australia and the only one with a national footprint backed by our extensive 3G coverage to over 2.2 M Sq kms and 99% of the population. Our combined 4G/3G network coverage delivers a more consistent broadband experience out and about as well as in-buildings with no need to fall back to the older 2G generation of technology, in fact we are seeing all new 4G devices support the highest specification Dual Carrier HSPA technology. With the over 80% of the population covered by DC-HSPA users can expect high levels of performance in more places.
  2. Reliable user experience: Our breadth and depth of coverage means fewer  dead spots and when combined with the use of the latest generation of technologies supported by an extensive network of high bandwidth optical backhaul you get a more consistent, high quality wireless experience included fewer dropouts and quick, responsive browsing and app performance on your device.
  3. Functionality: Our 4G service is fully integrated into our network giving a seamless experience across the network whether it is browsing the internet, sending and SMS/MMS or making a voice call. One of the exciting things about new 4G devices is that they support HD Voice calling. With the Telstra wireless network fully HD enabled we have the largest HD voice footprint in the world so as we see this surge in new devices we will see a critical mass of HD penetration and more users will get to experience the superior voice and noise suppression qualities of HD voice.

Have you experienced our 4G network? We would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

Photo. The 4G expansion event today in Bondi, Sydney.

Photo. The 4G expansion event today in Bondi, Sydney.

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