With ‘first impression’ based reviews out of the way, the Social Reviewers are really getting stuck into the details of the handset and are calling it like they experience it.

Buzz Moody made a great post on his blog (Android Australia) answering some of the FAQs that keep popping up concerning the device. Questions include what’s the best RSS reader sync, what are the better social networking applications and how many applications can you install?

For all the gamers, Daniel Vuckovic has blogged on the Android OS as a gaming device and platform and where it fits in between the iPhone, iTouch and Nintendo.

Casey Glass dives into some of the pros and cons surrounding the handset’s software and hardware on the Digital Buzz blog.

Helen Perris, representing the non-geek perspective, has had some frustration recently learning how the Desire can file share via Bluetooth. Something she did with ease on her Nokia handset.

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Mark Pesce has been putting the HTC Desire through its paces on his HTC Desire dedicated blog and while he states ‘Android does not suck and HTC Desire does not suck’ , he also isn’t holding back on pointing out its flaws. Mark’s most recent post dives into the messaging interface which he recommends needs improvements. Prior to this post he has also blogged on the phone’s management system, and Twitter apps.

Following from my blog yesterday, Chris Rowland has published his top five favourite Android app’s.

Andrew Gillett in his Blog Digital Birdy expresses his frustration with the Desire ‘Sense UI’.

Susan Moore who recently moved to Tasmania (Franklin) is reviewing the handset from the perspective of someone who is also interested in testing out Telstra’s Next G network – see her 1st blog post here

Xavier Ho has blogged on HTC Desire widgets, applications and devices general responsiveness. He also has an earlier post that includes a video on the handset straight out of the box.

Chelsea Woods compares the photographic capabilities of the HTC Desire against a Canon PowerShot and Nokia 3600, check out the result of her “Saturday morning #Telstra Desire experiment”.