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Telstra Health expands in Asia

Telstra News

Posted on August 24, 2015

2 min read

As Telstra Health continues to build a connected health system for Australia, it announced today it had expanded its business in Asia by securing four new contracts with leading hospitals in Malaysia and Thailand. These contracts add to its existing customer base and shows its commitment with Asia with established offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia and India.

Telstra Health creates solutions for key challenges in the healthcare sector by integrating leading eHealth solutions.

Jim Flynt, Managing Director of Telstra Health’s CloudMed subsidiary and General Manager of Health Applications, said finding more efficient and effective ways to deliver healthcare would be increasingly important across Asia, with healthcare costs in the region expected to increase to from US$1.34tn in 2013 to US$2.21 trillion by 2018, due to growing populations and chronic illnesses becoming more common.

“While Australia remains our primary focus, the expansion into Asia marks an important milestone in the continued development of Telstra Health as we become a global health business. Many of the pain points in Australia – such as the need to digitalise and automate complex processes and share information in real time – are the same for healthcare sectors around the world.”

Mr. Chung King Keong, the Administrator of Tung Shin Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, agreed. “We embrace Telstra Health’s vision of creating a connected healthcare system. Capturing, digitising and sharing clinical and administrative information can make healthcare smarter, safer, and more efficient,” said Mr Chung.

Telstra Health previously acquired UK based health analytics firm Dr Foster in March, currently with customers in 10 countries including the UK, the US, Italy and Spain.