As distressing events unfold in Ukraine, we know many people in Australia will be anxiously seeking news of their loved ones.

We want to help where we can, so from today we’ll be making it easier for our customers to stay in touch with friends and family by providing free calls to Ukraine.

And with many Ukrainians fleeing to neighbouring nations, we’ve followed the UN’s assessment of refugee movements to also make calls free to Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia and Romania.

We’ll be waiving charges for calls to these countries from Telstra home phones and post-paid mobiles for the next month, and we’ll continue to monitor the situation.

Update (29 April): We’re again extending our free calls and roaming to Ukraine and the surrounding nations where refugees have fled until 31 May.

Update (28 March): We’ve been monitoring the situation and it’s clear that staying in touch with those in the region continues to be critical, so we are extending our free calls and roaming to Ukraine and the surrounding nations where refugees have fled for another 30 days.

Update (9 March): We’ve been continuing to work on ways we can help our customers can stay in touch with friends and loved ones affected by the crisis in Ukraine. From today, we will be expanding the number of people who can access both free calls to Ukraine and free international roaming in the affected area.

Customers on Telstra Pre-Paid can now call Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia and Romania for free, provided they have an active recharge on their account within its expiry date.

Customers on Telstra post-paid can now also access free International Roaming (including voice, text and data) from Poland, Hungary, Moldova and Slovakia, as well as in Ukraine.

Update (2 March): We’ve been working in the background to see what else we can do to help to make keeping in touch with loved ones as easy as possible. In addition to the above, we have also made International Roaming (including voice, SMS and data) free for any customers in Ukraine.

If you are in Ukraine and already have International Roaming charges on your bill (any time from 1 February until 31 March) we will ensure these charges are reversed.

Things you need to know

Keep in mind that calls to these regions may not always go through, due to potential infrastructure damage in the region.

Depending on your account, some people may not see the free calls logged in their call records.