We all know how hectic family life can get, and mine is no exception. With three kids, my wife and I lose everything from keys to the family dog and even our sanity from time to time. And since everyone in the family has their own mobile device, it goes without saying they go walkabout sometimes too.

In fact, one in four Australians have lost their mobile in the past 12 months alone.

That’s why I’m excited about the latest update to our Telstra 24×7 app with a brand new Telstra Device Locator feature. Device Locator has been designed to help our customers locate lost mobiles and SIM-enabled tablets on their Telstra account – quickly and easily.

Using the new app feature, Telstra customers will be able to:

  • See the last known location of compatible mobiles* and tablets on a map
  • Send tailored messages to a lost device (letting people know who to contact if they pick up a lost phone)
  • Make a lost device play a sound to help locate it (for Android phones, this will work even when they’re on silent)

Here’s a short video we made to explain how it works.

So how’s this different to other phone-finding apps on the market? What’s unique about Device Locator is it’s designed for modern families with a mix of different devices, including prepaid and postpaid (plan) mobiles, in their household. Families will be able to connect their devices, including smartphones and SIM-enabled tablets with a combination of Android and iOS operating systems which are on the same account.

What that means is that if my son leaves his Android smartphone at a friend’s place or a sporting ground, my wife and I can help find the phone by using the Device Locator feature on the Telstra 24×7 App – even though we have smartphones from Apple.

We know that location sharing isn’t for every family or family member. It’s for that reason we’ve designed the feature as opt-in only and each device owner can choose to share or not share their device location with other users on the same Telstra account. Each device owner has the power to change location sharing permissions at any time on the app. There’s more information about how to do this and other features of the app.

We’re progressively rolling out the update to Telstra 24×7 users from this week. Telstra 24×7 App users will be able to opt-in to Telstra Device Locator by enabling location permissions as part of the latest app update. By choosing to opt-in for location permissions they’ll also become part of the Telstra Locator Bluetooth locator community which allows Telstra mobile customers to securely and anonymously help other customers find lost valuables. We’ve got more information about this and our Location of Things technology for customers who’d like to know more.

Telstra Device Locator is just the start of the new ‘Location of Things’ products and service we’re introducing for our consumer customers, with our Telstra Locator finding services launching later this year.

Through our new location products our mission is to build Australia’s largest finding service to help customers find and locate the things that matter most to them.

* Device Locator is compatible with Telstra prepaid and post-paid (plan) mobile phones and SIM-enabled tablets with iOS or Android operating systems. For more information about Device Locator and how to use the feature please visit the Device Locator website, or read more about our new Location of Things.