We caught up with two of our esteemed alumni to hear how 25 years of the Telstra Business Awards have provided the ultimate platform for Australia’s brightest business minds.

When Laservision won 1996 Telstra Australian Small Business of the Year, the world was approaching an important turning point. The internet was just taking off and businesses were starting to capitalise on a range of opportunities that would take their operations in an entirely new direction.

For Laservision, the timing was perfect. As Marketing Manager Matthew Tuey explains, “There have been giant leaps in technology in the last 25 years. Looking back at what was possible then, compared to the Mega Media installations we create today, it is astounding the abilities we now have to create leading edge entertainment.”

Laservision’s dedication to designing innovative entertainment technologies has played a significant part in their success and allowed the company to create Guinness World Record winning entertainment installations.

The same goes for GenWise Health, the 2017 Telstra Australian Business of the Year.

Although the Aged Care industry isn’t known for its technological prowess, founders Dr Troy Wallett and Dr. Sebastian Rees believe that the last two decades of innovation have been instrumental to their success. In particular, automation and connectivity have transformed their potential to streamline their processes and enable doctors and nurses to focus on what’s most important: their patients.

Fostering a culture of achievement

It’s because of organisations like Laservision and GenWise Health that the Telstra Business Awards exist. Recognising and rewarding Australia’s outstanding businesses has always been central to the Awards’ overarching mission – as has championing their success and giving them a platform to reach greater heights.

In fact, Matthew believes that winning the Award was not only an opportunity to create exciting news around the businesses achievements and generate new clients, but it also served as a litmus test to quantify their success within the industry.

Similarly, Dr. Rees believes that winning the Award this year has already had a significant impact on GenWise Health.

“We’ve had a surge in new enquiries from key stakeholders in the aged care industry and feel really fortunate to be able to use this opportunity to reach even more older people in need,” he says.

Supporting a culture of collaboration

In the spirit of sharing knowledge between Alumni, we gave GenWise Health the opportunity to ask Laservision how they stay ahead of the curve and continue to innovate at the cutting-edge of their industry.

Here’s what Matthew had to say.

“We have an incentive to dream, to create things that may not have been thought possible. As a foundation to our company we employ weekly meetings where anyone from the company can present new, exciting technologies or ideas. We then have active think-tank sessions around that idea.”

“This adds value to our company and services as we get to explore great ideas from staff who are on the ground working with our clients. It’s been very inspiring and keeps us questioning our place in the market. We’re always trying to achieve more—for ourselves, as well as our clients and audiences.”