This week marks one of the most exciting steps to date in Telstra’s digital journey with the launch of our new self-service apps for managing your personal Telstra products and services – on your iPhone or eligible Android device.

The take-up of mobile internet use has been extraordinary, but what excites us most is how we’ve been able to work with more than 300 Telstra customers to ensure that the first release of our apps have been built by us, but designed with you – for you.

We know how busy you are, which is why we’ve developed the apps to help you manage your personal accounts and services linked to your My Account, when it suits you – that’s Telstra 24×7.

24x7 app.

You’ll also have around-the-clock access to our market leading customer service through Live Chat (which lets you chat with Telstra from your mobile), Twitter (note you’ll need a Twitter account), Facebook and CrowdSupport® (where you can, after logging in, quickly ask other customers questions and get speedy answers on a range of topics).

The free 24×7 Apps for iPhone and Android can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play (data charges may apply), and once you’ve entered your ‘My Account’ details you’ll have secure and easy access to:

  • View your current and past bill summaries, so you can keep an eye on your monthly spend. You can also pay your bill via the apps.
  • Keep tabs on the estimated usage of your mobile plan or selected BigPond® broadband plans.
  • Switch to an email bill or change your email delivery address.
  • Locate your nearest Telstra Store.
  • Contact Telstra online 24×7 to get help or ask a question.

If you’ve got a Telstra Pre-Paid service, you can also:

  • Check your balance.
  • Easily recharge your service.
  • Purchase Telstra Plus Pack extras, if you need extra value on top of your Pre-Paid service such as international roaming or extra data.

Get started with Telstra 24×7 for your iPhone, Android or iPad today:

For more information on Telstra’s new apps, check out: