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Technology warriors

Telstra News

Posted on May 24, 2011

2 min read

Fact. Today’s seniors are active technology users. No longer are the latest gadgets, from smartphones to tablets, a young person’s domain.

Maybe once upon a time text messages or online banking might have been embraced by younger Australians. But today, we’re seeing that’s all changed. Research is continually debunking the myth of days past – today’s Australian seniors are embracing technology, and they’re doing so in many different ways. Let me explain.

Meet the Downagers

Today’s over 60’s can be aptly labelled the Downagers, a group whose lifestyle and technology use is not defined by their age. Their attitudinal age is a lot less than their chronological age, and age is just a number. Their resilience has empowered them to redefine their life stage.

It’s not surprising older Australians are thriving online, particularly when you consider their “technology resumes”.

This age group has witnessed around six decades of technological change, giving them resilience to change unrivalled by any other generation.

From television to computers, mobile phones and the internet, the Downagers have become accustomed to change – embracing popular new products and testing innovative ideas.

Nostalgic Networkers and Power Seniors

Telstra’s Retired & Wired report identified two kinds of older Australians who are active technology users, known as the Nostalgic Networkers and the Power Seniors.

The Nostalgic Networkers embrace technology primarily to meet social needs. They use technology to connect with family members across generations and create a broad social network. The other group use technology for functional and practical benefits. Known as the Power Seniors, this sophisticated, empowered, confident cohort of Australians have moved day-to-day activities online. Using the internet for everything from news updates to managing finances, shopping and doing research – this group of older Australians are embracing technology.

Today’s seniors are redefining retirement; reinventing themselves and engaging with technology to get more out of life, proving they really are Retired & Wired.

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