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Burton Motorola Audex™ Jacket with Bluetooth Stereo Technology

This is THE item for all lovers of gadgets and technology – and it’s extremely practical for skiers, snowboarders and the general public living in sub zero conditions.

Burton Motorola AudexTM Jacket with Bluetooth Stereo Technology

Although it was released a few years back, my first experience with this jacket was during New York’s -10oC (before wind chill factor) in January this year.

So what exactly is it?

It’s a snow jacket, with stereo speakers in the collar, a built-in hands-free microphone, rechargeable battery, an iPod controller, Bluetooth 1.2, mini USB connector, and a forearm located control module and display. Oh, and in case I did not mention it- it protects you from the elements!

The really good thing about this jacket is that the electronics are removable – so you can disconnect the battery when travelling or whilst it is in storage. This also assists when sending it off to be cleaned. The jacket, when fully charged, can provide up to 5 hours of entertainment time.

Definitely up there for WOW factor. I walked into the Apple Store on 5th Avenue, Manhattan, and the staff, (in one of the best “toy shops” in the world), were in awe of the jacket. It really is like something out of Robo Cop.

The ability to listen to your music, take a call, and stay warm is key. No more fumbling to remove ski gloves to make a call. No more fear of dropping your phone or mp3 player in the wet snow whist trying to make a call or changing a track. Its all controlled through the arm panel.

And the sound quality for both music and phone calls is very clear.

A few words of caution – these coats are heavy. If you are travelling – disconnect the battery and wear /carry the jacket – it is cheaper than paying the excess baggage fees! Also, you should exercise extreme care when crossing the roads or skiing with the music going.