Its been a few months since I last wrote on wearable technology (eg the Burton Motorola AudexTM Jacket with Bluetooth Stereo Technology, so I thought I’d share with you a few more gems I have come across since then.

The solar powered dress – something EVERY tech-savy and chic fashion house will be shaking their head in wonder. I doubt this particular item will make it into mass production, but the concept of integrating ultrathin photovoltaic film and conductive cotton into the fabric of a dress is clever. It boasts a USB charger so you can use all that harnessed energy to recharge your phone or MP3 player as you go on your merry way.

Glove Mouse

I’m not sure about this one either. A couple of very bright guys who have won an award from MIT for this, got their inspiration from the movie Minority Report. A great example of life imitating art. My guess is that this will become a commercial product sometime in the not too distant future (well maybe after the sequel is released!)

Table Tennis Hands

This is definitely in the category of “why didn’t I think of that?”. It looks like a sandwich board for your hand – covered in table tennis paddle rubber. What does it do? It converts your hand into your table tennis paddle. No more holding that little handle – the paddle is an extension of you. These little beauties are available online from Hmmacher Shchlemmer for $US99.95 plus delivery. For that you get two mitts, two terrycloth wristbands, four table tennis balls and a carry case.

Universal Wrist Charger

Something I can see myself wearing everywhere!. A wrist strap that charges your devices on the go! No more worrying about running low on power when you are close to hitting the high score on your PSP. Talk for longer on your mobile phone. Don’t feel chained to your desk waiting for your device to charge up. Now you can charge on the go. The Universal Wrist Charger comes with 9 different connectors, so you can cover your iPhone, PSP, mini-USB devices, Nintendo DSi and others, all for $US34.99.

And last but not least……


What is Skinput? It’s a concept today, but in essence its technology that can recognize the taps of your finger onto your skin to perform tasks. In development from Carnegie Mellon University and Microsoft, you have to wear an armband with “piezolelectric cantilevers, or sensors that measure pressure, acceleration and force”. Sounds scarey! It also uses a pico-projector to put the images onto your arm. You must click on the link above and watch the video. If you are at all concerned that technology has moved a bit to far too quickly, this is certain to give you nightmares!

If you hear about any strange wearable technology, feel free to share it with us.