What is it about the New Year that inspires us all to turn a new leaf? Where does that unbridled faith that we can change ourselves for the better come from?

While most of the time I am of the belief that self-improvement should be an ongoing activity (think agile; not waterfall), the New Year is the perfect kick starter for any new habit.

Looking for a resolution to sink your teeth into during 2015? We’ve got six tech resolutions that are perfect for the New Year nerd in you!

Back-up regularly

‘Save early, save often’ is wise advice for anyone using a computer. The same applies to your phone, ‘back-up early, back-up often’.

Stop reusing the same passwords

Just don’t do it. And stop using ‘password1’ as your password!

Maintain a zero inbox policy

If you can action it, do it. If you need it later, file it. If you don’t need it, delete it.

Declutter your desktop (and keep it clean!)

A clean desktop is a happy desktop, so archive those old notes, pictures, screengrabs and shortcuts, then vow to be more organised.

Stop checking notifications while at dinner

Put it down! Switch off! Be present!

Disconnect before bed

This is one I am very guilty of, and I’m contemplating undertaking in the New Year. Don’t play with your phone before bed, it messes with your sleeping patterns and makes you more tired.

So what’s your NY tech resolution?