Fitness trackers, pet cams, feeding bowls that are gaming consoles and Bluetooth bowties. Yes, it seems 2016 is the year of the smart pet with more and of our furry friends getting connected.

And as technology becomes more and more sophisticated – devices more vital in keeping up with the world around us and keeping our pets safe and healthy.

According to Animal Health Alliance, Australians Australians spend more than $8 billion per year1 on their pets – so you might as well up your pet’s tech cred while you spend it.

Here are some awesome items currently available for your furry friend.

“The automatic ball launcher for fetch loving dogs”. That description and the name are dead giveaways what this little item does.

Why risk making your arm tired and sore when you can give that job to a machine? Best thing is your dog can go absolutely nuts with it while you’re not at home. They come in three sizes, what actually are you waiting for?

Cat Scratch Laptop
We all know how cats are mad for having a nap on your computer while you’re trying to “work”, well that’s no longer a problem with this nifty set up. With customisable wallpaper, scratch pad keyboard and fluffy toy mouse you’ll never be hassled by Felix again.

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Bark ‘N’ Borrow
Ever found the need to borrow a dog? Maybe you told your Tinder date you have one when you actually don’t, or maybe your dog just needs a mate for the day. Well this is exactly where Bark ‘N’ Borrow comes in.

Connect with dog owners in your area and the sky is the limit. While it was founded by an Australian unfortunately it is not available in Australia at the moment.

Surprisingly enough FitBark is a fitness app for your beloved hound. It gives you the opportunity to monitor your dog’s activity throughout the day, whether it’s playing fetch or having an afternoon nap you’ll know exactly what they’re up to.

Cats can be hard to deal with when it comes to health, getting them to the vet is tough and making them stand on a scale for more than 2 seconds can prove difficult. Tailio is a simple product that helps you keep track of your cats weight and habits throughout the day.

The latest item has currently completed a very successful Kickstarter campaign. Furbo allows you to log in when you’re at work and check up on your dog via its inbuilt camera, you can also communicate with your pet and throw treats to them. A must for any dog owner.