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Customer Relationship Management in a mobile-centric world

Tech and Innovation

Posted on April 14, 2014

2 min read

We’re all living in a rapidly changing, ever evolving and increasingly mobile-centric world. We expect speed and intimacy in our dealings with organisations and of course, our customers expect that from us.

At Telstra, we’re always looking at ways to serve our customers better. Over the past 12 months (in conjunction with IT and our technology partners, Infosys and Oracle) my team have been working to improve the customer experience by increasing the responsiveness and productivity of our frontline sales team.

What have they been working so hard on? An enhanced mobile and desktop Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) user interface. This new interface is all about taking the pain out of sales administration, freeing our people so they can spend more time doing what they do best: solving customer business challenges.

The project – and the tangible improvements it has created for our people – gives our sales team a great conversation starter around future ways of working, sales force mobility and establishes Telstra as a global leader in the CRM space.

And when we talk about taking enterprise applications mobile, it reinforces the superior reliability and coverage of Telstra’s 4G network.

Many of the challenges confronting us are also pain points for our customers, regardless of industry. Our customers tell us they like to hear about our experience using the technology we sell. Untethering our frontline maximises time with customers, supporting the development of stronger relationships and deeper insights.

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Take a moment to meet our project team, along with our mobile ‘road warriors’ Senior Account Executive Kathryn Purcell and Account Executive Tristan Evans. They feature in our case study highlighting how mobilising our sales force enables teams to work flexibly and on the road.

Interested? Contact Peter to learn how we can help your business.