We want to help business of all shapes and sizes, from mid-market, enterprise and government organisations, with their digital transformation by helping them harness the latest in cloud technology. To do this we’ve signed a strategic collaboration agreement with AWS to work together to deliver innovative cloud solutions for our customers.

COVID-19 has accelerated our customers’ need for flexibility and reduced costs, which is driving a greater adoption of cloud applications. And with every cloud migration, you need a flexible, modern network to support your application performance.

We’re excited to join forces with AWS to bring a leading cloud platform together with Telstra’s leading network and telco expertise to deliver a compelling proposition for our customers.

We’re establishing a Centre of Excellence that will include Telstra Purple consulting and managed services professionals, alongside the AWS professional services’ dedicated team of business experts, who are going to co-develop and deliver product innovations, and help customers migrate their workloads to AWS, which our team at Telstra Purple can then deliver as a managed service.

We will offer a range of AWS services such as AWS Outposts, a fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, services, APIs and tools to customer premise, and advanced internet of things (IoT) solutions to help customers’ collect, organise and run sophisticated analytics on data to that will help them better understand the needs of their clients.

Telstra Purple are already some of the best in the business when it comes to deploying and managing AWS cloud solutions, as an AWS Advanced Partner, certified in migration, DevOps, containerisation and as a member of its MSP Program. We’ve also committed to training, accrediting and certifying more than 4000 Telstra team members via a new AWS Cloud Guild by 2025.

This agreement with AWS is a key pillar in our strategy to grow our next generation cloud managed services portfolio. Partnerships with hyperscalers help us to drive digital transformation and cloud adoption at scale by helping us to reach and serve new enterprise and mid-market businesses.

Our relationship with AWS also ensures we’re collaborating on the latest technologies, including edge computing, that will transform the way Australian businesses operate, by powering new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, autonomous cars, drones and IoT.