Today, the average Australian household has up to six connected devices including TVs, computers, tablets, smartphones and sound systems, all talking to each other at the same time to provide access to information and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

With Australians spending up to 23 hours a week online, these devices are helping us to connect with each other like never before.

We understand how important being connected to the people and things you love is, whether you are at home or away, which is why I’m excited to announce, that from today, 30 June, our customers will be able to take their home broadband data to new places – literally – with the launch of our new Bundles Collection.

Telstra’s new great value bundles offer a whole lot more; more Wi-Fi, more value and more mobile. They’ve been designed to provide a brilliant connected experience for you, both at home on Australia’s number one broadband service, and out and about with Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network, Telstra Air®.

If you’re a new Telstra home broadband customer and take up one of our new eligible home broadband packages (or if you’re an existing customer with a compatible gateway on our new bundles) you’ll be able to access your home broadband allowance away from home with access to thousands of Telstra Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation, and millions more overseas.

The new Bundles Collection also offer more value for money through higher data allowances, numerous entertainment options and help to provide peace of mind through Telstra’s security product, Telstra Broadband Protect which helps protect every device connected to your Telstra home broadband service.

Eligible customers can take their broadband allowance to new places with our pick of the new packages, the Telstra Collection Bundle M, for $89 a month. This allows you to enjoy:

• A premium Telstra Gateway Max™ Wi-Fi modem – up to 3x faster in-home Wi-Fi speed, compared to our standard modem when using AC compatible devices (for new Telstra home broadband customers only)
• Access to Telstra Air, Australia’s largest Wi-Fi Network with a compatible modem
• 200GB of fast and reliable broadband with unlimited local calls
• Telstra Broadband Protect (available to be added to the bundle for no extra fee)
• Bonus T-Box – to pause, rewind and record live TV, watch catch-up TV and access thousands of movies & TV shows on the BigPond library
• Plus a six month subscription to Presto (unmetered on Telstra home broadband at home).

Not only are our new bundles offering more Wi-Fi and more value, customers can now also get more mobile. For just $20 more a month you can add a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 which includes a 500MB Go Mobile Broadband Plan to your new Bundle, on a 24 month contract.

Want more entertainment? Get our Premier bundles to add Foxtel from Telstra from $20 a month for our Entertainment package including Foxtel IQ3, unmetered access at home to Foxtel Go and a three month free HD sport trial.

We think you’ll enjoy everything these new bundles have to offer – and the incredible places your home broadband allowance will be able to take you.