Apply to be the official Telstra Game Reviewer
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We want you to be our official game reviewer

By Nathan Gumley May 11, 2020

We’re searching for an official Telstra Game Reviewer – someone to play games (and get paid for it!) and share their thoughts with our audience using video and the written word.

You might not remember, but Telstra has a long history in gaming – right back to the days of our GameArena network and website in the early 2000s, which we started as a way for people to play together on the internet (often for the first time) and to engage as a community.

At one point we ran over 500 different servers for popular games like Battlefield and Counter-Strike, with a huge library of game downloads and updates maintained by our own infrastructure experts and engineers and a wonderful community of fans and participants.

The world is a different place now – and luckily you don’t have to download every single game update manually from a website anymore! – but we still love gaming. This includes being proud to be the exclusive Australian partner for Xbox All Access. There are thousands of avid gamers in our own Telstra family, and this is your chance to join in.

For this project, we’re looking for an enthusiastic and knowledgeable gamer. You’d better know your Minecraft from your Mass Effect, your Halo from your Hollow Knight, and your Gears from your GTA. If you can spot a Warthog from miles away and you know the fastest way to hit bedrock, we want to hear from you.

Apply here!

What’s involved?

This is a one-of-a-kind paid opportunity for you to create up to 10 video and written reviews for us from June to November, exploring the long list of games from Xbox Game Pass and getting hands-on with some of Telstra’s other upcoming gaming products.

We know gaming can be even more fun with a crew – and so can this! The successful applicant is free to feature other members of their household if they want to join in, including flatmates, couples living together or even an entire family (providing the applicant is a parent or guardian of any minors featured).

To enter, hopeful applicants should head to our application page for a full list of what we’re asking for. We want you to tell us about yourself and your gaming experience, but we also want to see what you’re like on camera. Applicants must share a link to a game review video that they have created (of a console, PC or mobile game), as well as a supporting feature article of around 300 words, telling us about their favourite parts of the game.

This is just a taste of what you’ll be doing if we pick you, so make sure you’re comfortable and enjoying yourself! Feel free to include any tips, hacks, or your thoughts on who might enjoy the game and why. We want to see your knowledge in action, and we also want to see how you handle the spotlight. Applications are open now until 11:59PM AEST on Wednesday 20 May.

We’ll be releasing episodes hosted by our Game Reviewer from early June, and you’ll have quite a following to impress across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and here on Telstra Exchange. If you’ve wanted to break into the world of gaming and share your passion with others for a while, this might just be your chance.

Xbox All Access opens up gaming to more Australians, with a choice of Xbox One X or Xbox One S console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription which includes all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold plus access to over 100 high-quality games. Telstra Customers can add the Xbox All Access package with the Xbox One X for $27/month (Min cost $648 when you stay connected for 24 months + your plan charges) with no upfront cost.  Find out more here.

Hardcore gaming fans can also soon expect the highly anticipated Xbox Series X, the next-generation console from Microsoft, to be available through Xbox All Access later this year. We’ll have more to announce soon and you can register for updates here.

Apply to be the official Telstra Game Reviewer
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Apply to be the official Telstra Game Reviewer

By Telstra News May 11, 2020

If you’re here, you’ve probably heard about our search for an official game reviewer. Does that sound like you? If it does, apply below.

Share with us your best review of a console, PC or mobile game. Your review should be submitted as a video link plus a 300-word supporting article. Consider including your thoughts on your favourite parts of the game, any history or interesting facts, some of your own gameplay, and who might enjoy the game and why.

We also want you to tell us about your technical skills – though none of these are deal-breakers! Do you know how to capture screenshots and screen recordings? Do you have any experience with video equipment or video editing? If so, let us know. If you’ve been featured in the media or if you’ve worked with any brand partners before, that’s worth including too.

Thanks, applications have now closed.

Click here for terms and conditions.

Xbox All Access at Telstra
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Giving you more for gaming on our network

By Nathan Gumley April 6, 2020

We’re on a quest to give customers access to some of the latest games and hardware available backed by our incredible network. That’s why we’re excited to announce with Xbox All Access, gamers can now get an Xbox One X at a new, lower monthly price, and we’re opening expressions of interest for the next-gen Xbox console.


Xbox All Access gives Telstra fixed and post-paid mobile customers the ability to choose from two different gaming packages. Both packages include a 24-month membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which gives gamers access to over 100 great games and all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, including online multiplayer. Gamers can choose between Xbox One S or Xbox One X bundles.

We’ve got a lot to update today about our gaming offerings, including more value with Xbox One X, and the lowest latency available on an Australian ISP.

Xbox One X available at a new low monthly price

We’re excited to share through the Xbox All Access program, gamers can now get an Xbox One X for only $34 a month (over 24 months) for new customers, giving you an incredible library of games; awesome multiplayer experiences and access to 4K graphics.

Xbox All Access includes a 24-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, with access to Xbox Game Studios titles the same day as their global release. This includes the upcoming, highly-anticipated Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft is the best-selling game of all time and Minecraft Dungeons is an all-new action-adventure game with online and couch co-op for up to four players, inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and set in the Minecraft universe. Launching on May 26, it’s the perfect time to experience a new and exciting way to play Minecraft with the family.

Xbox Series X: coming to Xbox All Access Holiday 2020

Xbox Series X will be the fastest, most powerful Xbox console ever, designed for a console generation that has the player at its center. When it is released this holiday season, Xbox Series X will set a new bar for performance, speed and compatibility, all while allowing players to bring their gaming legacy forward with them and play thousands of games from four generations.

We have an expression of interest page live now for Xbox Series X on Xbox All Access, and we’ll share more information in the future.

And not only will you get the fastest console ever made by Microsoft, you’ll also get it on our incredible network with the lowest latency available on an Australian ISP.

MVP for gaming ISPs

When we exclusively announced Xbox All Access last year, we detailed how we’d been working harder than ever to make sure our network featured the best possible experience for gamers playing online.

Developing a best-in-class multiplayer gaming experience for our customers is a matter of speed and distance. If data travels quickly over shorter distances, the experience will be better for our customers whether that be playing online or downloading the latest game.

That’s what’s called latency: the speed at which it takes for data to travel to and from a server. In online racing or first-person shooter games where acting before your opponent matters, latency can mean the difference between being on the top of the table or the bottom. Low latency is crucial for this reason.

Just as the ACCC measures data speeds over the nbn, so too does it measure latency.

We’re proud to announce that we have been ranked #1 in Australia for nbn latency performance*, making Telstra the place to be for gamers.

Along with our new latency achievements for online gaming, we’ve long had a reputation for network download speed in the real world. We’ve consistently been named the fastest broadband provider nationally for both fixed and mobile networks by the global download speed test benchmarkers at Ookla. We’ve also been ranked #1 by Netflix over and over as the best provider for streaming content from its service.

These wins – including our new top rank for latency performance – represent years of behind-the-scenes work to ensure that it’s tuned for exactly what our customers want: top-tier performance for stuff that matters, when it matters most.

If you’re into gaming or if you want to just dabble in it, switch to Telstra and enjoy the fastest and lowest latency online gaming experience in Australia. We’ll have more information about Xbox All Access soon and more news about our commitment to gamers later this year – w00t!

* Measuring Broadband Australia, Report 8, ACCC, Feb 2020